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#105545 by Clint O
Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:41 pm
Hi, I recently started the Ooma service in December and ported my number today. I let my son beta test the phone service with a number Ooma provided me, and once I was pretty confident I could switch the family over, I attempted a port.

The port went through within a couple weeks, and seemed to go OK. Today though when I received notification from Ooma, my Internet access started to get spotty and finally it died completely.

I got on my cell(!) phone and called Frontier, my existing phone provider. After some simple Q&A, the representative asked me whether I recently put in a port for my phone. I told her that I did. Well, it turns out that upon receiving the port request, Frontier disconnected my Internet and phone. That makes it quite difficult to use a VoIP phone!

She connected me with customer service and the guy essentially had to start me up with a new account, and to add insult to injury I had to enter into a 1 year Internet contract with Frontier to avoid installation and service charges. No matter, the 15/5 plan is cheap and I wasn't planning on leaving, but the treatment pissed me off beyond belief. Well, after about 20-30 minutes on hold and a few "we'll be with you shortly's", they got my Internet re-enabled without having to send a silly service dork to my house. BUT, I have to call after receiving my first bill to get a bunch of introductory charges waived that he could not eliminate when setting up my "new" account.

This whole process sucked. I don't blame Ooma for this. This is Frontier being incompetent and vindictive. But I would like Ooma to WARN customers that they may be in for a service interruption when porting their number AND their phone number is tied to their Internet service.

Thanks and happy Ooma'ing,

#105546 by highq
Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:58 pm
Welcome to the Forum.

If you'd logged here some months ago, when you first set up your Telo, you would have read many messages pointing out that if your internet service is via a DSL connection, it is running over the same pair of wires that your voice number is using, so that if you cancel the voice number, the DSL service also goes bye-bye.

So don't cancel the voice iservice without negotiating with your carrier for what is known as a "dry loop" DSL connection, i.e. one which carries your DSL (Internet) service, but does not provide a dial tone. Some carriers can be rather hard-assed about doing that for you, and may assert that they have to charge you for a premises visit, which is nonsense since they can effectl the required changes by accessing your pair of wires at the Central Office.

If all you do is submit a porting request to your new carrier (Ooma in this case), that resutls, as you have experienced, in the cancellation of both the old voice circuit and its associated DSL service.

Moral: arrange for free-standing DSL service BEFORE telling Ooma to start the porting process.
#105548 by Clint O
Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:57 pm
Ok, thanks for the info. I didn't know about the forums until today. In my case, I'm not a DSL customer. I have FIOS. But I'm guessing the same caveats apply...

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