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#9136 by daet
Tue May 05, 2009 2:14 pm
I received an email from Jennifer indicating the port was complete, and that I could contact my current provider to cancel service, which I just did - my provider was Vonage.

It took 1 hour to convince the guy at the other end that I wasn't interested in any of his offers. First he tried scare tactics, saying that Vonage had not yet released my number, and that by canceling, I would definitely lose the number.

I told him that I had confirmed that my new provider had the number, and when that number was dialed, I reached my voice-mail at the new provider.

So he says - Vonage is temporarily "forwarding" your calls because you have made a port request, but we don't release numbers until our customers compare any other service alongside ours for at least a month. Sweet mother of God!

When I tell him in no uncertain terms that I want my account closed, and am not interested in his offers, he says for Vonage's records, they need to know who my new carrier is (btw, shouldn't they have that from the number porting request?).

When I tell him, he says - Ooma is a very unstable company, they've been around for only about a year, while we've been in business for almost eight years. I couldn't resist the opening there - so I go - that's right, it only took Vonage eight years to rack up $250 million in debt; what happens if something happens to their refinancing deal? He doesn't want to continue that line of discussion any more.

But the persistent little beggar doesn't give up, "Do you know that Ooma devices have a very high failure rate?. Almost one in two, and you have to buy a new Ooma each time this happens[/color]". So I go, if it lasts 10 months, I've made my money back and more - so I'll take that chance.

[color=#FF0000]Finally, he goes back to telling me that my number has not been ported, and I'm going to lose it. This time he says, the average time for any existing telco to release a number is 2 months
. Does this idiot think that women are stupid?!!

That pisses me off - and this finally works, "Are you so f'ing stupid that you do not know how to process an account cancelation?" - I will do so right now, madam, but I must warn you that you are making a big mistake. Thank you, please go ahead. It's done - thank you for being a Vonage customer.

Good bye, and thankfully, good riddance!

#9144 by southsound
Tue May 05, 2009 4:22 pm
I've never used Vonage but if that is how they treat a person they are trying to win back I think they need to do some real training. What ever happened to the great customer reps who would say something like, "You have been a valued customer and although we hate to loose you, we want you to know that if you ever decide that your new carrier isn't able to support your needs as well as we have, we would love to have you back. Thank you for your previous business. I've taken care of your request. Have a wonderful day."

I think if companies used this approach they would find many customers (of other, less wonderful VOIP solutions than ooma) considering a return in the future. Of course, after using ooma, I can't see any reason to ever change to something else.
#9152 by Pandora
Tue May 05, 2009 5:40 pm
It sounds like the customer representative was saying anything to keep you as a Vonage customer.

I'm concerned about the solvency of all current non-telco VOIP providers other than Skype and Comcast DV.

The folks at Ooma have been very nice about helping technically, but have really been quiet about revenue and costs. I hope Ooma is solvent, I like the company and concept.

Thanks for the post. It makes me glad I never went with Vonage.
#9158 by voipdabbler
Tue May 05, 2009 7:57 pm

I didn't have Vonage and didn't port my old VOIP number, but my experience was similar to yours. I told my former VOIP provider in writing that I wasn't renewing my contract and asked for the mailing address to return their PAP2. They contacted me and asked why I was leaving and I was honest that call quality had dropped to the point that friends and family were complaining everytime I called. I sent the PAP2 back, priority mail with confirmation of receipt. They still contacted me again via their internal "Ticket" system the day before the contract expired indicating that they had gotten the PAP2 but that they needed confirmation that I was canceling. I confirmed again via a response to their Ticket that I was not renewing the contract. They wrote back saying they couldn't confirm it was really me (even though I had to be logged into their secure web page to access their "Ticket system"). I had to go back in firm language indicating that I had returned my PAP2 and was in not renewing the contract. Finally, they acknowledged that I was canceling.

Pandora, I share your concern about independent VOIP providers. I hope they survive, but it's hard to compete with the bundles that the baby bells and cable providers can provide as big pipe owners/voip providers. I love Ooma's call quality and hope the company thrives and grows. The best advertising we can do is word-of-mouth via phone calls with our Ooma systems. Everyone I've called since I installed the Ooma hub is so impressed with how clear the call quality is.
#9205 by dinks100
Wed May 06, 2009 12:29 pm

I was also a Vonage customer but had no trouble ending the service.

Vonage let me know my service ended the same day ooma ported my number then charged me $40.00 bucks for not staying two years.

Sorry they gave you so much trouble.

Welcome to ooma!
I liked vonage but I love ooma!
#9208 by jmassimilla
Wed May 06, 2009 1:34 pm
dinks100 wrote:daet,

I was also a Vonage customer but had no trouble ending the service.

Vonage let me know my service ended the same day ooma ported my number then charged me $40.00 bucks for not staying two years.

This was my experience after porting from Vonage, also. However, I experienced the same callous, intimidating attitude as daet when dealing with their customer service over an issue that I was having with the service. The rep actually told me "If you don't like it, I can connect you with someone to cancel your service, but I recommend you find another carrier first". That is how I ended up with ooma. This has been the best experience that I have had since being a VOIP user for the last 3 years. I share everyone's concerns and enthusiasm for ooma. I want to see them continue to grow and prosper.
#9217 by daet
Wed May 06, 2009 4:03 pm
I have little doubt that my experience had much to do with the guy at the other end being convinced that he could pull one over a woman. Plain & simple - happens all that time in any technical situation; at least until such time as my engineering & mechanical skills become self-evident.

#9411 by ydnar723
Sat May 09, 2009 7:11 pm
I have had and still have many of issues with Vonage.
When I first joined I requested a number be ported in from a landline, working in the telecom world I know the intervals for number ports. Within an hour of signing up they claimed they had my number, they did not, they programmed the box. I challenged they did not process the paperwork to the loosing carrier (which I worked for at the time) they claim they did and claim they got authorization. When I asked them from who (because I also worked in my then employers port group) they could not tell me. I then explained I had phone problems, they wanted to replace the device, but I told them that was not the case. I gave up and changed the number knowing my number I wanted would still work, when Vonage said it would not. I am pleased to say they was wrong.

To cancel has been the biggest problem I have had in a while. I even told them I don't have a broadband connection and they still want to give me a free month. On one occasion I accepted a free month, hoping when I called the following month, they would cancel seeing how they gave me free time. It still did not work, they wanted to give me free time, I told them I was getting my phone service for free now (ooma) they still would not listen, so I told the woman to cancel the account, she still tried to pitch more crap at me. I finally said "cancel the account, I owe nothing, I am done, I unplugged the device, have a nice evening, make sure the request is honored" Well a couple weeks later, they charged me, I chewed them out but never got a refund to this day, I canceled the credit card. The next month they STILL tried to bill me. I sent them very rude emails regarding their attempt at billing and the hassel I went through thus far to cancel. They had the nerve to say I accepted another free month (after they billed me). I told them they was liars and explained what happened. They still refused to cancel the account by email even saying they was not authorized to do it. I then told the rep to learn customer service and find someone to do it and contested they refund me still for the previous month.
They responded advising I will be sent to a collection agency, I replied telling them that I am begging they send me to collection agencies so I can tell them how ignorant Vonage is as well. I told the rep if that is what it will take to get it through their heads to cancel, then by all means send me to colelctions. They then replied asking for a time to call me to discuss the matter. I told them there was nothing to discuss further and told them I would seek legal avenues against them. I still get a random email that they can't bill me. I have everything documented, so now I sit waiting for the collections people to contact me, sounds crazy but I can't wait, I feel like a kid in a candy store!

Thusfar though I am pleased with my Ooma. Couple of quirks, I might not get premier right off although I enjoy the features, just a financial bit at the moment.

As I mentioned before, Magicjack was called the Skype and Vonage killer....those who said that, are dead wrong.

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