Customer Service Reps

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Customer Service Reps

Post by bc3tech » Tue May 05, 2009 11:03 am

Not sure if a topic like this could do any good, but I think when we call in to Customer Support we should all get the names of our reps - IDs if possible as well to further identify them.

The reason being is I have had a couple great experiences w/ the reps at Ooma but also a couple that left me going "Really? what kind of people are they hiring?!"

Then we could just post up the Good and Bad Reps here for people to refer to and perhaps ask for specifically when they call in for a particular issue.

So maybe the format should look like

Issue: _____
Rep Name: ____
Rep ID (if applicable): ____
Rating 0-10: __
Comments: ______

I had one rep answer the phone "Thank you for calling ooma" and that was it. I said "ok yes i'd like to ______" and got back "ok"
I basically had to walk the rep thru the process:
"So, would you like my account number then?"
"uh... yeah let me get that from you"


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Re: Customer Service Reps

Post by southsound » Tue May 05, 2009 4:36 pm

When I first started my relationship with ooma back in February, they had call wait times that would stress the patience of Mother Teresa. When you finally connected, you had one of their top level techs. But waiting 20-30 minutes for a simple problem or question was a little frustrating. Then something wonderful happened. They hired a bunch of new people. Call wait times are now in the single digits. Less than 2 minutes is my latest average. And you know what? Some of the new people don't seem as sharp as the top level techs that used to answer the phones. But each of them I've talked to had an extreme desire to satisfy my needs. If they don't have the answer, they esclate to one of the more experienced techs. With their aggressive hiring, they are adding people who may not have quite the experience with ooma as the old timers. But they are intent on solving our problems and in time, will gain as much experience as the original folks. I applaud what ooma has done. And most important of all to me, support is not outsourced or off-shore. It is right down in the Silicon Valley. Right next to the engineers who designed the product. To me, that is a real plus.

I always get the name of the person I'm talking to - whether it is Qwest, our local electric company, my credit card folks, or ooma. Just good business. Then when I'm happy, I make a call or send an email to their boss to thank them for the great staff. That way I really am rating them where it counts. To the people who can either intensify training or give rewards.

Just thoughts. YMMV
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