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#104405 by buzzdavidson
Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:05 pm
Two features which should be easy to add but would be very valuable for the more technically savvy Ooma users.

First, a simple interface to access basic information (call log, voicemail summary, etc) in a structured format (JSON, XML, etc) would be very useful. If there is already a way to get this information from it isn't documented very well. If you provide decent hooks to this information then developers will happily build applications to present the data in a nice way. A simple REST interface would be easy to provide! Bonus points if this interface could be made available directly from the Teleo itself rather than requiring login.

Second, a simple network notification mechanism would be very helpful. This could be as simple as a basic UDP broadcast. Caller ID, ring notification (for hearing impaired), and voicemail notifications are the obvious implementations here.

I have a Whozz Calling box from that I've used at home for many years and am missing my notifications and extensive call history. I'd love to have its basic functionality made available via Ooma.

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