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#104398 by tkramer
Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:09 pm
I have the Premier package on several Oomas. On my aged mothers Ooma, she has filled her blacklist with the 255 maximum entries in just a year and a half. I think people target people over 80.

My list is only at 120 and I have had it for over four years and we are both on the do not call list. Is there any way to tell when Ooma customers have had many reports of the same number and they have moved it to the global blacklist?

I'm at least hoping that they would do that once a quarter or something. It would be nice if in the private blacklist, those numbers were listed in a different color to say that they are still being blocked in the global list and you can remove them from your 255 maximum.

Is my logic correct that they do move their customers blacklisted number if they see XXX number of customers block a number? If they do, are we able to see if we have a match from something we blocked over a year ago?

I wish Ooma would show in the call log, numbers that have been blocked by a private or global backlist in the call log :x
#108044 by brebro
Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:00 pm
I agree. I had no idea there even was a limit to the blacklist, but I just reached it apparently.

The main reason I keep paying for premier is the blacklist. Does the list stay when you stop paying the Premier $10 monthly rate? If so, I may as well drop it, since I won't be able to add anyone to it from now on.
#108047 by lbmofo
Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:32 pm
I reached the limit of 256 a while back. Went back to list and deleted a bunch based on my notes I put in whenever I blacklisted. Enhancements are coming in the way of wild carding so you can block a group of numbers without needing so many entries. Once you go basic, there wouldn't be blacklisting.
#108316 by lbmofo
Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:32 pm
Ooma just enabled wildcard blacklisting viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15436&start=0#p108297

For me, I had 247 blacklist entries today.....using a more conservative approach, just combining same NPA-NXX (at least and most of the time, combining entries with same NPA-NXX or Area Code-Exchange and like 1st digit subscriber number), I got my entries down to 197. Also, I can now block most invalid phone numbers using 0* and 1* entries (phone number starting with 0 or 1).

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