Upload Speed Requirements

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Re: Upload Speed Requirements

Post by lbmofo » Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:01 pm

thunderbird wrote:
Bobby B wrote:The below is still accurate. The default QoS upload speed was increased to 512 Kbps to align more with the increasing upload connection speeds that most customers have and for a future feature.
lbmofo wrote:Ooma requires a minimum of 256 Kbps upstream network speed (384 Kbps recommended).
Bobby B:
Ooma publishes the upstream and downstream Internet required minimum speeds as, quote:
"Ooma is engineered for great voice quality but you will need a high-speed Internet connection equivalent to at least a typical DSL connection with 384 kbps upstream and downstream".

So where does the 256 kbps come from????
I know that you asked Bobby B the question but I will try to save him some time.

Hub Manual: https://www.ooma.com/sites/default/file ... e_revA.pdf

Page 56: Minimum Requirements 256 Kbps upstream network speed (384 Kbps recommended)

Amazon Telo Product Page: http://amzn.com/B002O3W4LE

Requirements 256 Kbps upstream network speed (384 Kbps recommended)

Telo box says so too:
Min Upstream Requirements.JPG
Min Upstream Requirements.JPG (27.19 KiB) Viewed 1617 times
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Re: Upload Speed Requirements

Post by thunderbird » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:42 pm

The Advance page picture at https://www.ooma.com/app/support/config ... ty-service doesn't reflect the current Ooma Telo Advanced page configuration.

At https://www.ooma.com/app/support/learni ... ervice-qos the pictures reference the Ooma Hub, the only metion of the the Ooma Telo is to go back to https://www.ooma.com/app/support/config ... ty-service .

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