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#101957 by bikerider
Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:30 am
I've owned a Telo Handset since I started Ooma service a year ago - like others I have battled with that handset as the only way to have a 2nd line for my home office. When the Linx and HD2 were announced last week I ordered a Linx immediately in the hopes of liberating myself from what Ooma does not do well (handsets). In anticipation of the arrival of the Linx I set my Telo firmware to disable the Telo Handset and use the Linx, as I expected to be out of town when it arrived and wanted my wife to be able to set it up so that my business line would be functional when I got home. The new phone is all set up, just waiting for the Linx to arrive to be activated and plugged in.

Well, I chatted with Ooma support today and the Linx has not shipped, they are saying I will get it sometime next week. This is disappointing to say the least as my credit card was charged immediately and I never got any order confirmation or notice of when the unit would ship. Long story short I canceled my order (which I was originally told I could not do) and for the time being will use the Telo handset until Ooma's order processing and communications enters the 21st century.

Now my Telo handset is disconnected from the Telo. How do I revert the Telo firmware so that I can reconnect the old handset and re-live the almost daily joy of battery pulls and reconnections?

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.
#101960 by thunderbird
Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:00 am
bikerider wrote:I believe I have figured this out - dialed *#*#301 from my connected phone, the Ooma reflashed the firmware and I was able to reconnect the Telo Handset. Now to get my office number to ring only on that handset...

Must have Ooma Premier Service:
Go to My Ooma , and after page opens click on "Add Private Account". A window opens that has blanks to fill in. Give the account a name and fill in the blanks, then click on the Save button.
In the Private account that was just created, click on Set Up device and fill in the blanks for the Telo handset.
In the Main account click on the phone number that you want to use in the private account and in the window that opens, "Associate to Account" to the Private account, by clicking on the down arrow, selecting the Private account and clicking on Save; or for $5 a month, in the Private account you can click on the "Add New Phone Number", follow the links and follow instructions to add a third phone number.

It will tell you that it takes five minutes for the Ooma servers to recognize this transaction, but I found it take almost an hour to work properly. Then test making/receiving phone calls.

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