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#101239 by rmeden
Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:25 am
My premier is coming up for renewal. Like many people, one of the main reasons I subscribe to premier is for the community black list.

Many people on this forum have asked for blacklist logging so we can determine its effectiveness. Ooma seems to be ignoring that request (as well as others in the forum)

I decided to run a test.. I turned off the community blacklist and noticed *NO* change in call volume! My personal blacklist was still active and I know it caught some, but I noticed no change from the community blacklist.

Maybe that's why Ooma doesn't want to publish logging, that would show it doesn't work. It *CAN* work. I often look up numbers in numberguru and they are pretty accurate (like Ooma, I contribute by flagging numbers).

Has anyone else tried this test? Is the community blacklist more than a config switch that doesn't actually do anything?


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