Ooma stopped working

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Re: Ooma stopped working

Post by thunderbird » Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:19 pm

NelsonJ wrote:I am currently with a telo that only lights L1 & L2 and will not finish booting. My power was shut off by electric utility to trim trees. When power was restored, this problem occured. Have tried all series of reboots and nothing works. Why would a unit not reboot after power being turned back on? This can happen often during storms, etc. Out of warranty on 6-20-2212, of course. Any ideas?
If you paid with your credit card, sometimes the credit card company will automatically extend the warranty to two years.
If you bought your Ooma Telo at Costco, they have an extended warranty also.

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Re: Ooma stopped working

Post by NelsonJ » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:48 am

I have checked with credit card company and no extended warranty through them. Does Ooma ever offer a lower price for a brand new unit in a case like mine? Seems like the problem is with the product in this case. I feel that eventually the chances of no power for whatever reason (power failures, unplugging unit to move or cleaning around it, children touching wires, or even a pet ) are close to 100 percent. This should never cause the telo unit to become useless. This could happen to any of us at any time. Have they developed a newer model that prevents this problem from happening due to loss of power. If I had been warned by Ooma before using this device that this might occur, I would have used some type of power back-up device. I have been very pleased with the call quality and even told family & friends they should purchase one also. Has Ooma ever explained why this happens and why it was not corrected? Even with everyone buying an extended warranty to cover this, it is terrible to loose your phone service and go through the process of a warranty claim if you have a loss of power. The options at this point are all in the company's favor! Thank you

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