802.nn? & DDNS Support

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802.nn? & DDNS Support

Post by mikedeissler » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:36 pm

After trying to put my TELO ahead of my router for faxing and then having to forward all my ports again for the TELO, only then to find that my routers DDNS service was reporting the non routable TELO LAN address, :shock: I ended up putting it behind my router and everything works great.

I would certainly pay a few extra bucks for a TELO that added a few Gigabit wired ports, DDNS support and 802.nn? flavors of wireless. It occurs to me that if you did, 90% of home users could get rid of their routers entirely and have a much simpler configuration experience and consolidate their cordless phones, wi-fi access points/routers and answering machines with one device.

When I see all the routing features the TELO has already I realize the only things my router is doing for me that the TELO can't is DDNS, wireless access and gigabit wired port(s)

From your perspective, I'd think that you could tweak the router side to better suite OOMA's VOIP needs.

Anyway, at least do DDNS. Thanks :)

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