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#100094 by tbeltz
Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:44 am
I just found out that if a service is not hooked up and on-line for 6 months it is considered Abandoned by Ooma. This works against those who are using their Units at Seasonal Locations. My own unit is not a problem because I take it back and fourth which is fine. The problem exists in some of my rental units where I provide Ooma and those Units are only on line during a 3 or 4 month season. So I can expect that they will be determined abandoned even though I am willing to pay the monthly fees to keep them at an active status. (It is not feisablee for me to go get them and put them on-line, I am across the country from them) When my renters leave I will be turning off the internet as no need to continue paying for that when it is not being used for 8 or 9 months and to keep it active just for Ooma seems rediculous and certainly destroys the cost savings that Ooma provides. Big disappointment in this regard and makes MJ+ look a lot better in this regard. All I want to do is keep Ooma, pay the monthly fees for the 12 months and stop you form considering it abandoned. (Would be willing to sign up for the service yearly if this would stom it) Why consider it abandoned if someone is paying the monthly fees? I can certainly understand it if they are not paying.......but your existing policy seems as though you are considering everyone abandoned if the Unit is off line?? Can something be done to accomodiate the seasonal users?? Can the account simply be flagged somehow as a seasonal account to prevent it being cancelled?

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