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#97945 by sinoue
Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:50 pm
Currently if I want to use Ooma Mobile to dial a phone number from a website or an App like Yelp I have to switch back and forth from the website/app to ooma Mobile on my iPhone in order to dial the number. Would you consider adding a PASTE field where users could copy/paste a phone number into Ooma Mobile.

It would definitely increase the number of calls I would make through Ooma Mobile instead of my iPhone.

Ooma Mobile also makes it weird to access the iPhone Addressbook vs the Ooma Contacts. PLEASE consider syncing Ooma contacts with Apple's addressbook like CoBook (a Mac Store App) has done. Or at a minimum make an API to let developers get access to a person's Ooma contacts.

Mashups like Ooma has done it seems a no brainer that your VOIP phone and your mobile phone could share all the same contacts and call log history (imagine if Ooma could access a person's Verizon or AT&T account and pull the call data to sync with Ooma call logs to help users understand their most often called contacts and chart out all kinds of cool data). But I digress...

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