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#97312 by darlinsk
Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:39 am
I am an Ooma Core customer, still using my original 2009 Hub/Scout combination. I was just informed by an Ooma Customer Service representative that they have a new "Ooma Core" policy. The representative that I spoke with said that he had recently attended a meeting in which he was informed that the OOma Core service tier is now tied to the device, and cannot be transferred to a new device.

I have little patience for people who rant and rave about paying $3 or $4 per month for a sophisticated phone system, and am not about to join that crowd. I am just trying to understand whether the gentleman I spoke with was correct. I was previously told, by an Ooma customer representative, that the Ooma Core status was attached to my account, not my device, and would be transferred to a new device should this one fail. I have not received any communication from Ooma outlining the new policy. Does anyone happen to know whether Ooma has officially changed their policy? Can a moderator answer that question?
#97313 by darlinsk
Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:19 am
This is scary; now I'm talking to myself!

I just called Ooma support about a problem I was having configuring a 2nd scout. The agent I spoke with had been with Ooma for 3 years, and seemed knowledgeable, so I slipped in the question about the Ooma Core policy. Here's what he told me: Ooma has changed their policy with respect to new activations of their legacy Ooma Core product. First-time activation of Ooma Core devices will not be exempt from taxes, despite the claims on the box. Existing Ooma Core customers, however, will maintain their tax-free service, even if they transfer devices.

Two calls, two agents, two answers ... who knows ...
#97316 by lbmofo
Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:43 am
Personal opinion is that officially, Core status is tied to the device. However, in the past, Ooma has offered device transfer allowing continuation of Core status as a courtesy. If your device fails, check your eligibility through a higher level agent or one of the mods here. Don't think they will issue a blanket statement as a matter of policy.

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