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#96130 by ruthann
Wed May 23, 2012 8:43 am
I'd like to make a suggestion. I do not use all of the Premium features. I use Caller-ID, Call-Waiting, and unlimited minutes for my phone use. This is all I want as far as features on my phone are concerned.
Would it be possible to charge me say $5.00 plus my $5.00 for taxes and fees for my billing???? That way I would not have to buy the "Premium" which I don't use, but I would have the features I do need, you would be paid for the providing the service. I think you would have many people who would be satisfied with this type of service rather than selling something they don't need and will not use.

#96714 by GMOOMA
Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:21 am
Maybe they should charge $1 - $5 for a handful "pick-em" features. They'd possibly woo more people into buying them.. this would obviously exclude second line because Ooma in theory (when they get true second line handset sorted out) recoups revenue in the extra minutes used on line 2 (even if there is a soft cap of 5k mins)

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