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#97141 by GMOOMA
Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:53 am
Most companies can release a hardware product in 6-8 months *bug free* and the HD2 was on the drawing board well before 9/2011.
Maybe Ooma should scrap the HD2 and just have integrated wifi with new Telos that can pair with android & I/OS over bluetooth and wifi. I think the tablet integration is the way to go... and the telco will be the telecom server. One day soon video calling will integrate with smart HDTVs and Ooma should be ahead of the curve not behind it.. even the cablecos are expanding voip features and making value added services free (ex. click-to-call via www).

I would definitely trade in my new Telo for something like that... if the price to upgrade were reasonable.
#97145 by EX Bell
Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:24 pm
It's an interesting thought, but it doesn't fit the bill for everyone. Believe it or not, some people don't have mobile phones with WiFi and the cost of acquiring one is still much higher than the MSRP of the HD2. Further to that, people that have young kids and want a second line for them or need the second line for a home office, don't necessarily want that to be a cell phone.

As it stands today, the Ooma App cannot ring incoming calls and WiFi does not offer as consistent a connection throughout one's house as DECT 6.0 does. Not to mention the number of support issues that would be caused by the poor WiFi capabilities of many mobile devices. Having a stationary Telo with an Ooma branded and certified WiFi adapter or a future device with built-in WiFi connecting to a router is one thing, but trying to support someone else's WiFi enable device as it moves through the different types of houses and building materials is a futile effort. The currently marketed WiFi spec just isn't good enough. Having said all that, I never bet against technology and would welcome an advancement that made it a reliable solution.

I sure hope they don't scrap their plans to release the HD2 because I want one, and I have clients who want them too. Whatever it is holding up the release, I sure hope it's resolved soon. The second line is a big selling feature of the Telo vs the competition and if it continues to be unavailable, they may lose sales of Telo to competitors that offer similar solutions at less than half the cost of a Telo.
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#97147 by dsinternet
Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:05 pm
Nicely stated Ex Bell.
I agree with you. This HD2 handset release reminds me of the Itunes app release of the Ooma app. It was relased to early before it was fully tested and got many many poor reviews and in my mind was doomed from the start. I am thinking that Ooma learned a lesson back than and does not want to release a buggy product in order to meet a deadline. It would be nice if Ooma could give us a monthly update on how things are going. I love to use technology, but don't know how many things work. I am guessing things are complicated in internet phone systems world.
#97196 by Bitgod
Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:31 pm
Well they've kind of put themselves in a pickle since supplies on the old phone have drive up, though some are happy to sell one to you for 2x-3X the list price. They'd need to either scrap the new phone, which I really doubt, or decide they need to manufacture a new run of the old phones.

I'm sure things will get worked out, but I pray sooner than later. I'd be interested in premier, mainly for using with 2 #s and a Telo handset, but I don't think I'm going to start spending the money when I can't use it for what I want.

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