Future of Premier after Google Voice

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Future of Premier after Google Voice

Post by Neubiee » Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:55 am

There are plenty of articles out there describing Google Voice and OOMA's Google extensions. Other than the instant second line and having your caller id appear with ease - I can't see why people would want to hold on to their Premier service once Google Voice becomes public. Unless ooma has something in works with their telo product!

Here is the breakdown:
Instant Second Line
Three-way conferencing
Multi-Ring [This feature is currently in beta]
Message screening
Send to Voicemail
Voicemail forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Personal Blacklist [beta]
Community Blacklist [beta]
Personal numbers
Private voicemail
Custom ring patterns
Google number - One number for all your calls and SMS
* Call screening - Announce and screen callers
* Listen in - Listen before taking a call
* Block calls - Keep unwanted callers at bay
* SMS - Send, receive, and store SMS
* Place calls - Call US numbers for free
* Taking calls - Answer on any of your phones
* Phone routing - Phones ring based on who calls
* Forwarding phones - Add phones and decide which ring

Google voicemail - Voicemail as easy as email, with transcripts
* Voicemail transcripts - Read what your voicemail says
* Listen to voicemail - Check online or from your phone
* Notifications - Receive voicemails via email or SMS
* Personalize greeting - Vary greetings by caller
* Share voicemail - Forward or download voicemails

Voice features - More cool things you can do with Google Voice
* Conference calling - Join people into a single call
* Call record - Record calls and store them online
* Call switch - Switch phones during a call
* Mobile site - View your inbox from your mobile
* GOOG-411 - Check directory assistance
* Manage groups - Set preferences by group

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Re: Future of Premier after Google Voice

Post by Pandora » Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:27 pm

Google voice doesn't provide dial tone. Google voice requires you to have a web page up to make calls. Google voice can't port in your existing phone numbers. Google voice doesn't have an 800 customer service number with real people to contact. Google voice is attached to your gmail account, if your account password is lost or some hacker steals it, you lose all your email and your phone number with virtually no hope of ever recovering it.

Most google voice services will be enhanced by Ooma premium.

Which do we really want, impersonal google with virtually no support, or Ooma with tons of support?

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Re: Future of Premier after Google Voice

Post by thively » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:53 pm

As Pandora points out, in order to use Ooma with Google Voice Extensions, you'll have to pay for Ooma Premiere.

"With ooma Premier’s Google Voice Extensions, we can ..."

So Google Voice Extensions becomes another optional feature as part of premiere. If you don't subscribe to premiere, you don't get to use GV extensions.

You can still use Google Voice without the extensions, but then you'll be dialing a phone number to call a phone number to use GV the way you do with any other normal phone. It won't have that seamless integration with the Ooma system the way it will if you pay premiere to use GV Extensions.

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Re: Future of Premier after Google Voice

Post by bw1 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:11 am

I was thinking of this when I first heard of Google Voice and that I wouldn't need Premier if I had Google Voice. But with the announcement of the extensions and how well ooma has worked for me so far, I'm thinking I would keep Premier as long as it's only $100 per year.

I'm sure that ooma will keep making improvements to the Premier service and they'll need to in order to keep and increase subscription rates.

I have another 16 months before my subscription to Premier is up and I'll determine if it's worth it then. Who knows, maybe I'll upgrade to the Telo then.

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