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#94206 by CNK
Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:16 pm
Greetings All,

Well, I've searched the forum and this doesn't appear to have been suggested in the past, as I got back no results.

For a while I was beginning to think what I thought was an Ooma feature was simply something that I used back when we had another VoIP provider. I found you have to hold and press the envelope button on the Ooma device to get the Do Not Disturb feature to turn on/off. Well, it’s good to know the features available; however...

I would like to see this feature integrated into the My Ooma Website and developed further, such as:
- Auto Do Not Disturb on/off
- Grid to select the hours of a 7 day week to activate the above auto on/off
- Exception/Whitelist/Priority Call Lists would still ring in

It's a little irritating to have turned the feature on using one little envelope (on the Ooma device) only to leave the house the next day, followed by calling back home and always being sent to voicemail when you KNOW the family is home or having just received a call from them and can't call back.

I've already hit my return on investment and happy with Ooma; however, as a Premier customer, it's a feature that will pull me elsewhere if I find comparable service/features.

#99610 by davekarow
Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:46 pm
We have a new baby and three calls (all unimportant) came in after the time my wife went to sleep (or tried to) and 9pm.

I found out after the third call that my brand new Ooma supports DND (Do Not Disturb). A good thing!

So why am I really reluctant to hold down the envelope button for two seconds and shut off all calls until further notice? It's so easy, right? Keeping it simple. The idea of pressing that in the evening and then having to remember to deactivate it in the morning before I go to work scares me. I'm wary that I'll render my home phone useless for inbound calls (including call backs after a dropped cell call, etc...). I know desk phones at work just have a similarly simple DND toggle. But this is my home phone and I want DND for different reasons... I want to get peace during certain, predictable times.

I suspect Ooma product managers may be worried about introducing too much complexity by supporting scheduled DND with a whitelist. I feel your pain; I'm a PM too. Thing is, the folks at RingCentral support have been supporting all sorts of "rules" including time-based logic for years now. While RingCentral is going after the small/medium/startup business market more than consumers, I think you are both in the virtual PBX/virtual answering machine/phone service re-imagined business. They came up with an interface that a non-techie office-manager type could manage. You could probably do even better.

So please, Ooma-folk, DO consider a Scheduled DND feature coupled with a DND whitelist that will let close friends and family through. If you really can't fathom the scheduling interface/infrastructure and/or the whitelist aspect, then at the very least add a web-based toggle of DND so if your premier customers realize they have accidentally left it on after leaving the house, they can at least turn it back off.

One more thought... instead of a whitelist, how about providing a simpler web-based extension to DND like this:

Code: Select allDND: [o] On [ ] Off
  When DND is activated:
     [ ] Send all calls to voicemail
     [ ] Ask caller if urgent.  Yes = ring.  No = voicemail.
     [ ] Ask caller if urgent.  Require 2-digit code [__] to ring through, otherwise voicemail.

That way, we could have a web-controlled hard-coded DND, opt for a honor system with prompting (is the call really urgent?) or most restrictive, give callers a 2-digit "emergency code" to break through DND. I could even see implementing this and NOT doing scheduling, although the scheduling feature if done right would be very, very cool and useful.


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