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#91518 by dwpenn
Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:43 pm
It's not that I have so many settings that I value, but the ones I make, save, and get conformation of being saved are in fact subject to being lost without notice.

I have repeatedly said I want to use a personal blacklist (as someone could guess by my many entries), so I check the box, save it, and await confirmation. Confirmation received you'd think I'd be done.

The same with telling Ooma I want messages by email as MP3 attachments. I set that up, save it, get confirmation, even have it work for a time.

Tonight when I logged in the main sheet told me I had not completed selecting preferences, so I figured something new is there, nope, it's a chance to sign up for messages as MP3's meaning something bumped it out of being in effect from when I last told it that preference and had it confirmed by Ooma. So, while on-line, I check my personal black list and once again it's unchecked.

There is a problem with the integrity of host settings. It saves them for awhile then drops them back to nothing selected. If it accidentally put me in for an action choice I hadn't made I'd accept the excuse of accident, but since the only accident is always losing my deliberate choices it's a problem with the host that's not being tended to. I have previously called and written about these losses of memory by Ooma and I keep receiving assurances, so far in my running total there is consistently always one more setting forgotten than I have received commitments to get fixed.

In the time since posting was made some of my settings went away as if I had never made them. These were also saved and confirmed settings that worked for a time, then stopped, then were found to be no longer resident as a selection I had made.
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#91650 by dwpenn
Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:21 pm
Leeway wrote:Are you using Internet Explorer ala MS or are you using Firefox.

Do you empty your cache??

I do clear my cache, and I also have Firefox.

Are you saying Ooma's site has a requiste to clear the cache before entering and is it requiring a soft (F5) or hard (Ctrl+F5) clear?

Are you saying that Ooma does not have this problem with one or the other of Internet Explorer or Firefox, because I can make it a point to avoid the one Ooma doesn't play nice with?

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