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Ooma Mobile

Post by bocaboy » Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:02 am

I've been using Ooma Telo with Premiere for about 6 months and I'm a really satisfied customer. I'm not, however, satisfied with Ooma Mobile for the iPhone. The promised HD voice for the product still hasn't been delivered, and the reliability of the product is terrible. I often will make a call, see "Connecting..." displayed, and then nothing happens. People on the other end say they can hear me, but I can't hear them.

If this product were free, it would be one thing, but it cost $10. In addition, since the first 250 minutes of usage with Mobile are included in my Premiere account, it devalues my investment in that service. I got Mobile in order to control the number of minutes I use with AT&T. If the product doesn't work, I lose two ways: I spend more on AT&T minutes and I lose the value of my Premiere investment. And I'm out $10 for a product that doesn't work.

Ooma is a better company than that. Clearly you can do a better job getting Mobile to function correctly. How about a New Year's resolution to get this application fixed, redesigned, and working reliably? I promise to be a beta tester for that effort!

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Re: Ooma Mobile

Post by lbmofo » Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:37 pm

If you have iPhone 4S, the previous version of the app (before the current one in iTunes) works great.

Not sure how you could get that version unless you are in the same boat I was (I updated the app on the phone, found out it didn't work; deleted the app from my phone, syn'ed phone to get previous version of app back).


Ooma is stuck between a rock and a hard place with this app. The most requested feature on the app is incoming calls but currently Ooma infrastructure is posing challenges yet they are still planning something in the future to try and get it done.

Between paying Apple and 3rd party licensing and other fees, Ooma isn't making much $, if any, with support and other overhead associated with the app. I suppose I am saying Ooma is trying as hard as it can on the app.
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Re: Ooma Mobile

Post by bocaboy » Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:56 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure, however, that I'm sympathetic to their plight. If they know the app is substandard, then why even sell it? Once it goes into circulation, with the rhetoric that accompanies it on the App Store description, the onus is on Ooma to make it work. If it needs to be revised for iOS 5, then allocate the resources to do it. If the app isn't generating the necessary revenue, charge a few bucks more, but make it work, and work each and every time. As for additional features, drop them until the base app is solid. That will go a long way to quieting the criticism about mobile.

It's harmful to the Ooma brand for them to gain a reputation for substandard hardware, software or service. They're facing a very competitive market, and that means they have to up their game. I find it ironic that the land-line service is so good while the iPhone version is barely usable. I hope the new year brings a change of heart to management at Ooma to deliver the same quality with mobile that they have with the Telo. Their ability to deliver a well rounded solution that includes mobile would set them apart in the marketplace.

Lastly, there hasn't been a peep from Ooma about a timeline for a fix, or their roadmap for this product. I realize it's chic to be secretive, like Apple, but how refreshing it would be to see Ooma address its customer base directly with a statement about the problems they're facing and when to expect a resolution. To me, that would demonstrate that Ooma is serious about being my full-service communications provider.

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