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#90065 by blueOrbit
Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:13 am
With the new voicemail system, the behavior of the PLAY button on my Telo seems to have changed.

Before, I could pick up my non-ooma telephone handset, connect, and press the PLAY button on my Telo... new messages would start playing through my handset.

Now, the same action brings me into the main menu of the voicemail system and I have to press 1, 1 on the handset to get ooma to play my messages.

Oddly enough, if I don't use a handset, and just press PLAY on my Telo, it works just fine. Normally this would be a small annoyance except that I primarily use a keypadless headset, which means I can no longer listen to voicemails on my headset unless I also pick up my handset to press 1, 1. I've tried rebooting my Telo, but that didn't fix anything. Playing voicemail messages over the Telo speaker isn't totally horrible, but it lacks privacy and can be disturbing to others when you share an office.

Is this a bug or a new "feature"? :?
#90067 by lbmofo
Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:23 am
I didn't know that behavior changed. If privacy is an issue and you don't want to press 1 on the handset to get msgs, press the play button on Ooma then pick up handset right around when msg is about to be played works as a workaround.

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