Basic (not Premier) voice mail forwarding.

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Basic (not Premier) voice mail forwarding.

Post by Smurfooma » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:22 pm

I'm a Ooma customer.
As a basic feature, we should be able to
1) Disable voicemail
2) Forward to an external voicemail service/number. (Anytime anything would go to Ooma's voicemail it is instead forward to a configured number).
These should be "free" basic service. Why?
Ooma doesn't have to incur any voicemail storage! And because we have enabled this feature, you can actually disable/plan on not having to provide voicemail storage and services. So if 10% of your customers enable one of these choices, you can remove them from you storage/service planning for voicemail. And, its a much friendlier option than having to call Ooma customer support to disable it permanently.

In addition, as a former UVerse customer, UVerse provides the following features:
No Answer Call Forwarding - Send missed calls to another phone number
Busy Call Forwarding - Forward incoming calls to another number when the line is busy
Exclusive Call Forwarding - Forward select calls to another number
I can see these being the "Premier" enhancements to the basic features I outlined above.

In the event of a network outage, (where my Ooma phone can't ring), ALL customers should be able to have their phone forwarded to another phone. I know that this is available as a Premier feature, but I feel this should be a basic feature, and it is for the UVerse customers.

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Re: Basic (not Premier) voice mail forwarding.

Post by rkparkinson » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:00 pm

Yep, I agree. My lowly Magicjack has been forwarding me my voicemails for years for $13 a year! I don't even hook it up any more. I may get magicjack plus and ebay my ooma.

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Re: Basic (not Premier) voice mail forwarding.

Post by lbmofo » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:39 am

rkparkinson wrote:My lowly Magicjack.....
rkparkinson wrote:My lowly Magicjack.....I don't even hook it up any more.
I can understand why.
rkparkinson wrote:I may get magicjack plus...
Good luck with that, you may need it.
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