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#446 by az5555
Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:52 pm
Hi, this is Andrej.
I and most Ooma customers would love to have the unlimited calling not only to USA, but also to Canada.
Most VOIP carriers today DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for calling to Canada!
So why not stop labeling Canadian calls as "International Calls"? when we don't even need a visa to visit Canada if we are either USA Citizens/Immigrants.
I will continue to use my other VOIP/Internet phone provider rather than pay Ooma per-minute for calls into Canada.
The second Request is that many of VOIP/Internet phone users also posess an Candaian telephone number in USA so that their friends and relatives can call them without creating huge phone bills. Porting the Canadian phone numbers to Ooma is also needed and should be avaiable immediately, since the porting of USA numbers is already avaiable for a fee. Candadian phone numbers should be also avaiable for new Ooma customers, as well as the present customers that have helped Ooma succeed as to where and how it is now standing.
#456 by von
Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:11 pm
Also unlimited calling to Puerto Rico, It is a part of the USA, Im not sure why It is considered an International call here....
I wonder if Ooma also considers The Virgin Islands international, gonna check that out now

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