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#88058 by lbmofo
Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:54 am
Today, you can start pre-orders on iPhone 4S.

Although for CDMA carriers (Verizon, Sprint) the data speed is staying the same (still 3G), for AT&T, the data speed is doubling (HSPA 14.4 vs HSPA 7.2 on iPhone 4; AT&T is calling both their LTE and HSPA 14.4 network 4G).

Although, Apple is officially saying users will experience broadband speeds twice that of Verizon/Sprint on AT&T if using iPhone 4S, the realistic number is much higher: Real-world speeds: Verizon/Sprint EVDO Rev A ~ 1Mbps, HSPA 14.4 ~ 7Mbps. Apple is just trying to minimize shock by saying only 2wice as fast on AT&T.

If you are thinking about pre-ordering, goto the Apple store online, ship to your home/business address (not to a store; you may get stuck in a long line when you go pick up :))

You can even get 1.6% cashback; info in my signature.
#88082 by Wilsonium
Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:50 am
allo wrote:I doubt that anybody here with OOMA is interested in a $1,000+ toy like Iphone 4S.

See Plan(s) pricing here: ... index.html

I would hardly call it a toy and at least quote accurate numbers in your post with relevant links. While Apple has not announced anything, even the largest capacity unlocked no-contract iPhone 4s probably won't be over $900 and the link you provide is for carrier comparison which will likely be similar without regard to handset.

And no, I'm not a fanboy and currently carry a Samsung Android based phone. I also have had iPhones in the past and probably will again in the future. Most Ooma customers are smart enough to see past your misinformation... give us the benefit of the doubt.
#88394 by lbmofo
Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:33 pm
allo wrote:I doubt that anybody here with OOMA is interested in a $1,000+ toy like Iphone 4S.

See Plan(s) pricing here: ... index.html

Well, Ooma thinks otherwise. Hence the Ooma iPhone app and then later for Androids. There are plenty of Ooma folks with iPhones and or smartphones I am sure. I cough up a lot of money per month on my smartphone plan but that doesn't mean I need to unnecessarily give away money to the Verizons (landline) of the world. In choosing an iPhone 4S model, I did go with the cheapest at $199 (w/ 2 year contract renewal) x 2 (1 for wife, 1 for me; as SouthSound says "Happy Wife, Happy Life" so true so true). The cash back from Apple Store was $3.18 x 2 (although small change, why refuse money?); on top of that, the credit card I used will give me some cash back too.

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