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#87816 by bulgrien
Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:50 pm
• I lost my phone service when my number was ported on Tuesday, September 27th and called Ooma support.
• At first, the support person I talked to was very helpful. We determined that my Ooma Telo was defective!
• On Wednesday, September 28th, I was told that a replacement Telo unit would be shipped OVERNIGHT on Thursday, and that I would have the replacement in hand by today, September 30th.
• Today, after waiting until 8:00 PM for the package to arrive, I finally called support to see what happened. The Ooma helpdesk person told me that, according to the UPS tracking number, the replacement unit is due to arrive on OCTOBER 6th!
• When I suggested that another unit be overnighted as originally promised, I was told that Ooma doesn’t ship on the weekends and the shipment cannot be intercepted so I must wait!
• I’ve already been without phone service in my home for 4 days (27th 28th 29th & 30th). By the 6th, it will be 10 days without phone service!

What started out looking like great customer service quickly degraded, due to the lack of follow-through, to the absolute worst support experience I’ve had in more than 10 years! To be promised a replacement overnight then to be forced to go without phone service for over a week? Unbelievable!
#87818 by thunderbird
Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:02 pm
bulgrien wrote:• I lost my phone service when my number was ported on Tuesday, September 27th and called Ooma support.
• At first, the support person I talked to was very helpful. We determined that my Ooma Telo was defective!

It seems strange that porting your number would cause the Ooma Telo to become defective.

Or are you still having the Ooma self restart Issue?

If you are within the first two month period since purchasing your Ooma Telo, you have two months of free Premier, and you can use a second phone line. If you haven't already, go into My Ooma and set up your second phone number. When completed, (or before you start to setup your second number in My Ooma) remove power from your Ooma Telo, wait 20 minutes, then repower the Ooma Telo. Then test by calling your second phone number with your cell, or dial out using line 2, by getting a dial tone, then pressing the 2 button on the face of the Ooma Telo. (There are also other ways to get to the Ooma Telo Line 2 to dial out).
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#87820 by lbmofo
Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:21 pm
bulgrien, take a look at when your port completed here: Precisely, when did you initiate the port and when did the port complete?

Earlier you said, you didn't have your Ooma up for 3 weeks (because of issues) but did it come back to life sometime before the 27th (before your port completed)?

Did you get a temp number assigned before you initiated number port? If not, was your landline active and plugged into the "wall" port of Ooma during the port process?

In the meantime, since you have Premier, you can go into Call Forwarding section of my ooma to configure call forwarding (to your cell) so you'd at least get calls.
#87821 by bulgrien
Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:54 pm
Hi thunderbird,

Porting my number didn't cause my Telo to become defective. When the Telo arrived, I put a phone on the Ooma just long enough to call the number and hear it ring. I then put the phone back on the land line and didn't use the Telo again until the number ported because my wife didn't want to learn a new phone number. The Telo was already in a continuous reboot cycle, but I just assumed it was a side effect of not having a phone hooked up to it. I also had an order in to upgrade my connection from DSL to FiOS, so thought I would wait and test the Ooma with the faster connection. The Ooma web site said it can take 4 to 6 weeks to port a number, so when I ordered the port on September 23rd, I was surprised that the order went through and was completed by September 27th, the very day after my FiOS was installed. When I reconnected the phone to the Telo I knew I was in trouble, because the continuous reboot cycle I had been seeing continued even when the phone was connected. I only have maybe 60 seconds of dial-tone before the Telo goes silent then the next reboot cycle begins... In hindsight, I should have done a more thorough test and completed any needed trouble-shooting before ordering the port of my land line phone number... seems obvious now, but at the time I was pre-occupied with other responsibilities and just trying to keep my wife happy...

The Customer Service score card was great through September 28th. Quick response from you in the forums. Knowledgeable, efficient process getting through level 1 and level 2 support, a promise of a replacement unit overnight... then the call was like I was talking to a completely different company that didn't give a rip whether or not they keep their customers happy. Talk about a night and day experience. That's the big disappointment. The service looked great on the surface...but when the rubber met the road...there was no follow-though and I was told to "deal with it".

I don't blame Ooma for the timing of the lost service... it was just dumb luck that I got a lemon telo... and my mistake not completing a more thorough test before ordering the number port. I do hold Ooma accountable for promising an overnight delivery, failing to deliver, then making no attempt to remedy the situation. As a Production Support Coordinator at my company...if I treated a customer that way...I would be out of a job!
#87822 by bulgrien
Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:05 pm
Thanks for all the feedback.

A second number won't work because the Telo continually reboots... so regardless of which line I try to call out on, the call would be lost when the reboot occurs.

Forwarding the line to my cell phone might work... I can leave the cell phone with my wife, a stay-at-home mom, because she is the one without a phone right now... Of course, that does means that I am without my cell... but it is a possible work-around.
#87833 by thunderbird
Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:54 pm
Sorry to hear that Ooma didn't get the replacement Ooma Telo out to you as promised. But if you do what lbmofo suggested about forwarding your ported number to your cell phone number in My Ooma, and letting your wife use the cell until the Ooma replacement comes, she should be happy. ;)
#88045 by bulgrien
Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:15 pm
Replacement telo finally arrived... so my wife finally has a home phone that works... and I have my cell phone back. :D Thanks again for the helpful posts.
#88173 by fp1
Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:33 pm
I had the worst technical service in decades. I've purchased and installed OOMA Wireless Adapter. The installation went okay except extremely slow response in setup. The trouble comes when I started with that new configuration. The wireless adapter appeared to catch my home network signal but OOMA Telo logo blinked red.

The bad time started with the first call to OOMA. Yeterday I called at least five times. Looked like unexperienced and unresponsible persons who transferred my call several times. Finally last technician just hanged up. Okay, I thought, that might because of end of Friday.
So I called today and after several attempts have been connnected to more or less knowledgeble person. He has asked me to do several tests but could not find a problem. He said that security protocol of my router was not correct (it should be WPA instead of WPA2). Wireless Adapter manual says that adapter axcepts any of these protocols. So he does not read it carefully. Finally he promissed to get advice of OOMA engeneer and then call me back. I had been waiting for 2.5 hours but nobody called.
1. Such technical help is unexceptable if OOMA wants to keep business.
2. Wireless Adapter sold prematurely.


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