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#85105 by nuprin
Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:13 pm
For anyone in the know...I am a current Ooma customer (Ooma Core) and someone just gave me an Ooma Core that they no longer have a need for. It currently is grandfathered in with no monthly RFF fee, but I was wondering what would happen if I transfer the service into my name? I've read there is a reactivation fee involved, but I plan on having a number ported to this Ooma Core anyways. So here are my questions/concerns:

1. Would it even make sense to transfer the service for the lack of a better term. I figured I could just log into the account with my friend and change the password to ensure I now "own" it. I can then update the Name, etc on the account.
2. If I went the activation route (not sure what advantages that would even provide) would I be subjected to the RFF fee?
3. When you port a number, does that change the login to your Ooma web account (ie, the phone number changing on the account).

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
#85113 by lbmofo
Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:20 pm
Hello, Little, Yellow, Different heh? :)

Officially, your case would be "transfer of ownership;" whether you bought it or got it for free.


I couldn't really find the language that's pertinent but in the rates page, you'd see "transfer of ownership."

If you go the official route, the reactivation fee is $79.99, callerid name change is $19.99 (or porting number in is $39.99; outgoing callerid would be whatever name you have in your account profile at the time of porting request; ported in number would become primary so my ooma login would be the new primary number with same password; login using secondary number would still work however; secondary number would drop off if you don't have Premier) and the unit would be suject to monthly RRF.

You should just take care of the device for your friend, including online management, until it dies ;)
#106217 by ndivad
Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:37 pm
Hello Everyone,

Quick Summary
I'm reaching out for advice about this topic of reactivating an Ooma Core.. I'm exhausted from the countless hours convincing Ooma that my reactivated Ooma Core device/account be exempt from the monthly fee. Basically, the Ooma supervisor refuses to re-instate my account to how it was before they deactivated it. Instead, they were unresponsive; offering patronizing answers.. like this afternoon when discussing Nuprin's post:

..The supervisor's response was that if Nuprin re-activated an Ooma Core as mentioned in the post, Nuprin is indeed under the new terms, and thus paying monthly fees. This sounds like a disingenuous answer, because it's obvious that I could not prove otherwise. There wasn't much else I could say after that, so ends the conversation.

A few hours have passed now, but this experience isn't sitting well with me, so I'm peaking out from my shyness just for a bit. :) Oh, btw, I hope it's ok that I'm cross posting to both threads mentioned here. So yea, I'm hoping to hear a little about your experiences, and perhaps offer some next steps advice. Nuprin/Oomagumma, what do you think of the supervisor's response?

Well that's the gist of it, but if you're interested, here are the details. In the middle of January, I called to reactivate my Ooma Core primary account, because they cancelled it a month back (in Dec). Even though i log in and use it from time to time, it turns out that the device itself needed to be plug in. Luckily I was able to retrieve my existing number, but the reps and their supervisor insists that I'm now responsible for the monthly fees because it's considered a new account.

I believe the terms are tied to the device itself, (not to the account) and thus they should reinstate my account as before, without the fees. It's been very frustrating, because the Ooma reps failed to offer any sincere explanation or support, and were unable to clarify if the terms are indeed connected to the device or to the account holder. Supervisor Rob's continued response was that all activation are now non-exempt from the fee. When hard pressed, he said that the terms are connected in tandem to both the account and the device. (???) He did not offer any more specifics.

Basically all I got were contradictory answers or non-answers (like the above or sometimes this: "Yes, but that's different"). Another inconsistency: if my account was considered a new account, then based on Oomagumma's post:

I should also be grandfathered in, correct? But here's Ooma's response:
This is in regards to ticket number 130207-000687
About Core device and reactivation fee.

I consulted our highest managers on this one. This is the forum post you mentioned

This is a totally separate issue. The affected customer had a Core device that was never activated. Your device was terminated due to being dormant. Please keep in mind that as per our terms and conditions if a device is offline for more than 6 months, we reserve the right to terminate service. We notified you in November to plug the device in and unfortunately you failed to take action. The account was cancelled after 30 days as a result.

Based on this response, it seems I'm being punished for not plugging in the device... Does that sound right?

I'd be grateful for anyone's thoughts out there.


#106226 by Oomagumma
Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:09 am

Sorry to hear that you aren't pleased with Ooma's responses thus far to your situation. Let me begin by pointing out that my situation was indeed a different one than yours. Mine was not a reactivation issue at all and didn't have anything to do with inactivity, which is what appears to have led to where you are now. With that being said, I have had an Ooma device unplugged for a number of months and have received a warning email message about it. I don't have access right now to that email message but I do recall it being rather clear about what I needed to do to have my account remain active. Did you receive the email and not act promptly enough to keep your account active?

When people have one of the earlier units where the customer isn't responsible for the RRF, I suppose there are some ongoing costs that Ooma has to cover themselves so I can see how they might like to have some way to rid themselves of inactive accounts and the costs associated with them. I don't know if the inactivity stipulation to their service was something which was a part of their terms of service when you signed up or not but it may have been something which was added later on. I recommend that everyone print out and save a copy of the terms of service from their website at the time they sign up. Anyway, I believe you may be at Ooma's mercy on this issue. You appear to have gone inactive under their guidelines/TOS and didn't react in time to salvage your original account. Begging and pleading may be about all you have left and that seems to not be getting you anywhere.

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