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#84130 by Dwyne
Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:43 am

After some months of using Ooma, here are two items I think needs improvement.

The distance of the Telo from the handset seems very limited. My Telo was in the front of the house with my modem/router, and I had problems connecting when trying to make calls from the back of the house. I ended up purchasing a Hawkings Tech HW2R1 Smart Repeater, configuring Qos on it, aand connecting the Telo to it. This has made a world of difference. It sits in the back of the house picking up 99% of the routers wireless signal. But it would be much better if the Telo was connected directly to the router.

I have three Ooma headsets, with one that has a different number. Both numbers are integrated within Telo very tightly. When I wish to dial out of one number and the other person is on the other phone/line/number, the handset asks if I want to connect to the current conversation going on on the other line or enter another number to dial. If there is a voicemail, there is no way to tell what line the voicemail is for, from looking at the Telo. I can get the voicemails from both numbers. If there is another number attached to another physical phone, should everything for that number be separate (or have an option to be so)? The security of this would be very nice.

Those are my thoughts. I hope Ooma Support is listening.

Thanks .... Dwyne
#85282 by Dwyne
Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:00 am
I also see that when one number is set to DND, it affects the whole system, and the other number is set to DND also.

This really should be changed too. If you have one number for home and one for business, why should both numbers forced to be treated the same?


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