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#84024 by tanstaafl
Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:13 pm
I am wondering if this happened to anyone else. When activating I opted out of Premier but after the free two months I was billed for Premier anyway. When I called customer support I got a long, argumentative lecture about how I was wrong and they were right and there was no possible way that I opted out and got billed for premier anyway. I am a nice person but after enduring a condescending lecture from a fellow who is supposed to serve paying customers, I got quite angry, and now (because I don't like to get angry at people) I am quite upset and my day is ruined. Oh, well. The service has been working pretty well, anyway, except for occasional echoing in calls. Hope y'all have a good day.
#84028 by just4fn
Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:48 pm
if the computer said you didn't opt out then there without question you didn't opt out. Is the computer ever wrong? I don't think so. Next year with you have an option to opt out of premier you need to actually do it. Gees- I hear this all the time where I work, I say the computer is never wrong and it hasn't been. I have left a lot of people mad at me but, the computer was never wrong. Of course I do the inputting and I have never made a mistake--- according to my computer.

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