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#5983 by epete
Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:15 am
I would love the Omma Hub and Scout function built into a single box with number keypad,dual duplex antifeedback speakerphone, expandable to six multi-line cordlesss handsets with voicemail indicator on cordless handset, talking caller id (maybe patent by Matsushita as I have only seen this pn Panasonic Phones). I would also like to see an interface on the phone to the internet for 411 look-up (add to premier service since it would take away from your current revinue of charges for 411) Intercom function
#6213 by oomg
Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:25 am
I have added a GE wireless/cordless system to one line on the hub. Bought at Fry's: base unit $30 (without answer feature; $40 with... but who needs it); $20 for each additional station. I have six stations, including the base, so total of $130 (plus some tax for California's govinator). The stations can communicate between each other via internal intercom feature. Each phone has the ability to store several names/numbers, so each family member can make his own mini list. Working great so far. See: ... IN_RSLT_PG

More from GE's website: ... product=14

Just checked... you can even get the system in red if you are into art deco... or simply must have that hotline to the Whitehouse. See: ... IN_RSLT_PG

Here is another one from GE that looks like it was made to match the ooma Hub and which has stations that can be wall mounted (Fry's shows base station for only $30): ... product=15

Oh yeah... my second line is assigned to the scout that sits at my home office desk. I have a regular phone and a Plantronics headset phone connected to it. Also working exactly as expected.

I think the TELO system will offer the advantage of providing an integrated system which appears to allow each unit to act like a Scout. Looks like a winner.


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