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#80828 by mak
Fri May 06, 2011 1:42 pm
How long should the porting process take?


The FCC has changed its number porting rules to shorten the porting period for “simple” ports from the current four days to one business day. The new deadline applies to all simple ports, including “intermodal” ports such as wireline to wireless, wireless to wireline, wireline or wireless to VoIP, or any other combination. Simple ports generally do not involve more than one line or more complex adjustments to telephone switching equipment. Wireline, wireless, and interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers are required to meet this new, simple port deadline, which will take effect in late summer 2010 for most carriers. Small, rural carriers have a longer period, until the beginning of 2011, to meet the new porting deadline.

How long should the porting process take? ( MAY 6, 2011)

Different VoIP providers vary, but a good rule of thumb would be as follows:
NOTE: New FCC mandates now state that LNP rules apply to VoIP providers. This
includes porting out numbers as well as porting in numbers.
Normal phone numbers with the correct information sent at the first submittal
- 2 days (48 hours), as stated in the FCC ruling, (although simple ports have
been mandated to move within 1 business).
Toll free 800 numbers can vary, and although they use to take weeks to port,
now are more likely able to port in a few business days, but many users still
report that the process has taken 8-10 business days. (The process is getting
faster and better.)
Important: The FCC has mandated new porting rules that dictate faster and more
efficient ports and although these faster times are the rule, many companies,
including a large portion of VoIP providers are going to take longer (Remember,
the VoISP gets the request from the user and may take a couple of days to
actually get it to the CLEC, (they should pass that request immediately, but in
some cases may not do so).). We suggest that you talk with your prospective
provider and discuss a realistic expectation of how long your porting process
would be expected to take. Also it is important to remember, if the initial
requests comes back due to needing additional information or some error, the
process time starts anew. The process as a whole has become more efficient and
the FCC has taken steps to enact rules which are good for the consumer, but all
things being what they are, real life still takes precedence.

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