Ooma through the laptop

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Ooma through the laptop

Post by gnowellsct » Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:42 am

It would be convenient when I'm working if I could just rout my phone calls through my desktop or my laptop--like skype.

Since I can already get my phone messages through the laptop it seems like dialing the call through Ooma shouldn't be too hard? Seems like something similar to the app which allows handheld devices to use wi-fi could go on a desktop or laptop.

Meantime it is a bit strange to have skype software on my laptop turns almost every phone number I see into skype-compatible calling format. I can call through skype just by getting clicking on the green button near the phone number. That includes the support numbers for Ooma BTW.

And I suppose that once I can call through my laptop I'd want video. In fact what wouldn't be bad at all is if Ooma offered Skype's functionalities without the bad voice quality.


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