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#105033 by rschoonh
Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:42 am
As commented above, this seems like an obvious and long overdue feature. Upon adding yet another caller to my personal blacklist, I just received an error message saying the list is full (256 entries) and that I need to delete some before I can add more. This has just complicated the personal blacklist for me and reduced its value. It seems now I must 'budget' my blacklisting. This might not be so bad (I do understand lists can't be infinite), but I must do so without any information as to which blacklisted numbers are still being 'hit' and so should remain blacklisted, nor knowing which numbers on my personal blacklist might duplicate ones on the supposed community blacklist and therefore could be safely removed. To make matters worse yet, the list of blacklisted numbers provides no way to do multiple deletions. One must click on each number to open its record, and then click the delete button. This is horrendous and the whole blacklist interface needs major work!

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