Blocked calls log?

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Blocked calls log?

Post by I_Ooma_2 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:14 am

I got my first anonymous call today and as set in My Ooma, it automatically went to voicemail (and turned out to actually be something I wanted... imagine that). I noticed that the call did not appear in the logs. While I imagine some people would probably prefer blocked calls to not appear in their logs, I think that some people might.

I think this may have been suggested before, but I was wondering if it would be possible to either make it an option, or even better yet, maintain a separate log of calls that were blocked by privacy settings (anonymous call blocker or blacklists) and show what the caller ID said (such as Unknown Caller) and what happened to it (i.e. message played, indefinite ring, or sent directly to VM).

Just a thought as it may help (or be nice) to see how many calls are being blocked by the privacy settings in My Ooma. Unless maybe I'm missing something? Do blocked calls show up when blacklisted as opposed to the Anonymous Call blocker?

This isn't a complaint.... just a feature request. Perhaps it would be silly to show a log of calls you can't even identify, but on the other hand I like "information" and "details", so I would probably like to have a separate log of such calls. :D

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