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#96861 by lbmofo
Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:40 pm
rlamond wrote:Its been over a year since Ooma said "no plans, check back." Ooma, I'm checking back. Courtesy of a reply requested. I've had the chance in last two months to offer a recomendation for friends who asked me how I liked my Ooma phone. Bluntly told them customer support is lacking specifically becuase of this issue.

More truthful response would have been "Ooma Mobile App (not necessary for home phone service) is not available for Windows Phone." Most folks looking for home phone service replacement wont even care. Ooma customer support is many folds more robust than other VOIP competitors. In some cases, "competitor" customer service maybe even non existent.
#99236 by LBarouf
Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:58 pm
I agree, mobility often is the original source for many of us, to go towards VoIP solutions. I want voice quality, features and flexibility/portability. It's true that iOS platforms along with Android are the most popular now. WP7 and 8 are strong candidates that should not be neglected. While reading the reviews of the Ooma Mobile for iPhone and Ooma Mobile HD for Android, I was not impressed though. Not only do the app is locked to Ooma and you have to pay for it, it gets bad reviews. Give it for free, make it only available to Premium users to drive the Premium subscriptions. So if it's free, we can't complain too much. But still try to fix the damn thing. And/or, open the Ooma servers to private apps. Use SIP, and any SIP compliant app could be used. Much easier this way, you don't have to code anything, and don't have to support all platforms. Just provide the servers and tell us what to use.

As for the platfroms themselves, well I like WP7 and would rather only use it if I could. I'd rather have a good app, that any app on my WP7 though, so it it will have bad reviews like the 2 ones out there, maybe you should really consider giving the coding to someone else or open up the platform. For instance, I'd pay 15$/month for a "Platinum subscription" if you said it included all of premium + sms2txt + SIP connection for your own app.

My 2 cents.
#99483 by bryanjef
Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:09 am
Hey everyone... I just wanted to give folks the heads up that I just submitted the beta version of myOoma to the Windows Phone Marketplace. It takes up to 5 days for certification, and I will post a link once made available. I developed this app independently, and I'm not affiliated with Ooma. Once published, perhaps we can start a new thread for feature requests as the initial release is limited because I didn't want to invest a lot of time/energy if there was only going to be 5 users. :-)

myOoma Screenshot.png
myOoma Screenshot.png (83.46 KiB) Viewed 4358 times
#99754 by bryanjef
Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:05 pm
I wanted to provide an update. The app certification process by MS is taking longer than expected because it failed my first try due to the reference to iPhone and Android in the description. It was unfortunate because I wanted to make sure people didn't use their Ooma Mobile account, as that is different.

Anyway, for those that want to try it out sooner, I did publish a Beta version, but have to add folks manually. As such, if you are interested, send me your MS account associated w/ your WP, and I will add you. Please email support(at)bitserver(dot)com. It is the same app, but submitting as beta doesn't require the same long certification process from MS.


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