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#78708 by tomcat
Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:22 pm
I currently have my landline forwarded to my ooma number and wondered how the forwarding is done in the background. Does my landline accept the call and then forward the call and continue to be a middle-man while the call is in progress, or, does my landline return some "signal" to the calling party that says to reach it's destination it needs to be routed somewhere else instead.

Short version: When a call is forwarded, does it still travel through my landline provider on which I have activated the forwarding?

Hope this makes sense?!? :?
#83764 by BackupBob
Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:40 am
There may be a problem with forwarding calls on Ooma.

I have a 2nd line on the Telo that forwards to a fax service. Lately the faxes have failed.

Calls are reaching the fax service. When I fax from a landline I hear the fax tones exchanged and then the sounds cut off, as expected with a good fax connection. The call will fail, retry, and fail again.

Ooma 2nd level support said that forwarded calls still use the Ooma network and there is no guarantee that faxing will work over the Internet. My contention was that if calls are being forwarded they should not be coming to my Ooma Telo at all, and they should not be on the Internet. They should be intercepted by their telephone switching center and re-routed.

The 2nd level tech did not seem clear as to how all of this works. I realize that Ooma uses the Internet for their customer calls but their back end probably uses a standard telco connection or a private IP network to the other telcos. The tech did say the use other carriers to route their calls.

If I can't use Ooma to forward my 1 or 2 fax calls a month reliably, what do I do? I want the calls to go to e-mail, where I can pick them up anywhere.

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