Bogus Ripoff Reports on Ooma

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Bogus Ripoff Reports on Ooma

Post by lbmofo » Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:21 pm

Obviously, these guys know how to write but they don't seem know how to read?!! :?

Bogus Ripoff Report - Ooma charges higher international rate than advertised: ... -a5f7a.htm

Ooma's products page clearly states the following:

"The rates displayed do not include a mandated Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee that changes quarterly and usually ranges from 15 to 18%. The regular connection fee of 3.9¢ is waived for subscribers of any of our International Plans."

Bogus Ripoff Report - Ooma forces Premier purchase: ... -5wccw.htm

Poster must have purchased an Ooma device that required Regulatory Recovery Fees (RRF or taxes).
Both Costco product brochure and product retail box would have made the RRF requirement clear.

Why do I have to provide a credit card when I create my account?

The activation process requires a valid U.S. credit or debit card to link to My Ooma, the online account you’ll be setting up. Don’t worry about hidden charges and fees -- with Ooma there are none! During the activation process you’ll learn exactly how much the taxes and fees for your local area will be each month. That's all you'll pay unless you choose to sign up for additional services from Ooma.

Contrary to what the poster said, Ooma DOES NOT force Premier service purchase. During activation process, Ooma makes it abundantly clear what to expect and what to do before the end of Premier service free trial.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Starting two weeks before the end of your free trial, we'll send you several emails to let you know that your trial is expiring soon. If you don't wish to continue your subscription to Ooma Premier, simply click the link in one of those emails to log into your My Ooma account and opt out. If you take no action, your account will default to a monthly subscription to Ooma Premier, and your credit card will be billed for the first month of service.
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Re: Bogus Ripoff Reports on Ooma

Post by Davesworld » Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:59 pm

Actually and unfortunately, international rates fluctuate.

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