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#77700 by EA PA
Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:41 pm
Wow - LOL
#77703 by nn5i
Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:48 pm
thunderbird wrote:The symptoms you describe are consistent with dyslexia.

Dysgraphia, actually. Many who suffer dysgraphia also suffer dyslexia, but there are many who exhibit only one or the other.

Some of my particular heroes were dysgraphic; George Smith Patton Jr is an example. But he made the effort, and he wasn't dyslexic, and (except for frequent orthographic errors, which actually are the topic we're discussing), he expressed himself rather well both in writing and in speech. There are different sorts of dysgraphia (and different sorts of dyslexia, too). It's possible, for example, to be dysgraphic but have impeccable spelling. For example, one who is unable to select the right word when writing, but has no trouble selecting words when speaking, exhibits a form of dysgraphia but may be able to write down words perfectly once selected or suggested. This, by the way, is not rare. Dysphasias and aphasias are not so simple as you perhaps suppose, and I have studied them some.

Forgive me, please, an occasional wry smile at the expense of those who don't suffer any specific dysphasias but simply have never taken the trouble to learn their native tongue. If you won't forgive it, I'll do it anyway.

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