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#76565 by webdog2010
Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:40 am
I've been living with the Ooma Telo since the end of January. I never thought I would give up POTS. It's reliable and it's always there, but the monthly fee keeps creeping up little by little. One day while looking at the $43 bill it just hit me, we're paying too much for something that we only use a few times a week for minutes at a time. We cancelled our cable television last year (kept the Internet service - it's been rock solid for the last few years) and decided maybe it was time to do the same with phone service. I read all the reviews I could find regarding the Telo and other devices and also read many of the messages on this board before buying. It seemed the positive views far exceeded the negative, so decided it was worth a try. Tested it with a temporary number for three weeks. Initially set the Telo up behind my router, adjusted the QOS, tweaked the Telo settings, etc., etc. It worked well, but there was a noticeable delay evident during conversations. Decided to try the Telo before the router and the difference is considerable, virtually no delay with this setup. So I decided Ooma was a keeper. Submitted a port request on February 17 and it completed yesterday, March 4. I now have Ooma dial tone distributed through my house wiring. I'm using two VTech Dect 6 handsets, two vintage touch tone phones (pre-Ma Bell breakup) and two vintage rotary phones (for receiving calls only - and for the cool retro look factor.) The Telo handles it all with ease.

Would I recommend Ooma to others. Yes, provided that they understand this is something they shouldn't just jump into without planning. Do the research, assess your needs, evaluate your Internet service and your own network setup. Realize there may be a little bit of work involved to find your optimal setup. Networks are just like jigsaw puzzles and you're adding another piece that may or may not fit exactly the way you expected without making other modifications. For me, so far anyway, it's been a positive step and well worth the time I've invested.

Thanks Ooma, and thanks to all the users of this board who consistently post detailed, helpful, insightful information. It's all appreciated.

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