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#74242 by cnebrandt
Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:33 am
Please make the one-ring GV calling thing optional instead of the only way to use GV extensions. If you don't know what I am talking about see my post How can GV forward to Ooma and cell phone with just one ring. If this was an option I could still forward my GV calls to both Ooma and my iphone and get all the other features that I should have (CID of GV number, GV voicemail from the TELO). Also be sure it still works even if GV call screening is turned off which I need to be able to answer my Ooma Telo with my bluetooth.

Right now I am only able to get this whole thing to work for me if I have google voice extensions setup on Ooma but have my primary number (not my virtual number) listed as the Gv forwarding phone number. THis gives me almost all that I want: GV forwarding to both my Ooma and my iphone and if I keep call screening on Google selected it sends all the voicemails to GV so I get a text and email with the VM.
THen my only remaining problem is that I can't use my bluetooth on Ooma unless call screening (on Google) is turned off because I can't press 1 on a bluetooth. And if I turn off call screening then my VM goes to the iphone instead of GV.

But if you make this one-ring optional I can get a third number for my husband's GV number. That will give you a whopping $5 more per month. Who knows others may have the same problem and need this solution too.

#74255 by lbmofo
Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:17 pm
Hi Cindy,

Did you see this?

The Ooma Telo is automatically answering all of my Google Voice calls before I can answer on my cell phone. How do I make it stop?

When Google Voice Extensions is turned on, your Ooma Telo assumes you are using the Call Screening feature in Google Voice. Call Screening allows you to hear the recorded name of the caller when you answer the phone and decide what you want to do with the call (answer, send to voicemail, ListenIn, etc.). The Ooma Telo is answering the call so that you have the convenience of hearing the call announcement over the speaker of your Telo and Telo Handsets instead of having to answer the call first. If you are not using the Call Screening feature in Google Voice,
you must disable "Auto Answer" in the "Advanced Options" on the Google Voice Extensions preferences page.

You are also supposed to forward to your GV virtual number instead of the main number. ... 0extension

Update: I just saw your post posting a similar exceprt but nothing about disabling "auto answer." I see that FAQ was updated yesterday (2/1/11).
#74295 by cnebrandt
Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:16 pm
THank you so much. I had forgotten to disable Auto answer again after they deleted my original virtual number and gave me another one (which of course made no difference anyway). It almost works the way I want it. I don't get the single ring anymore where I have to be next to the telo. I can now pick up the call on my bluetooth because there is no call screening. The outgoing callerid shows the GV number.

The only problem left is that the voicemail is left on my iphone instead of google voice. I found out that I could call At&t and have them set the delay to 30 seconds and hopefully then just the google voice forwarded calls would go to GV VM and my regular iphone voice mails would still go to the iphone VM. But when I was testing this even with call screening and 31 second delay, the iphone picked up before Google. So I have decided to give in and let google voice handle all my voice mails, even the ones which come directly to my cell phone. I'll try that for now.

THe last part of my test is to set this up for my husband's google voice number as well. Can I set my primary ooma number as his virtual number? We really only need 2 lines since there are only two of us. I thought I found something on the forum about this but I can't find it now.
#74301 by lbmofo
Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:49 pm
As far as the VM working the way you want, I guess you just have to play with it. Even with naked GV, I had to play with it for a while in order to make things work the way I wanted.

As far as making your main ooma number a GV virtual number, I don't see why not if you disable auto answer. But someone with GVE experience might want to chime in.

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