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#72836 by jea333
Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:02 pm
I've been having problems with my Telo from day one. I can't seem to maintain a balance between consistent Telephone service or consistent internet access.
- When I put the Telo behind the router my Telo randomly gets knocked off and cycles itself.
- When I put the Telo in front of the router I get intermittent Internet access. The Telo will knock the router's Internet access offline. If I go to the router's setup page and release and renew the IP address that usually fixes it but it seems to happen frequently (and I'm not always around to fix it for the wife and kids).
I've talked to OOMA support several times (latest was today but I get intermittent results).
I've adjusted the Telo QoS to 384 (default) 500 and 900 and now I have it at 0 (disabled). I figured that the higher the QoS setting the less remaining bandwidth I have for my internet devices attached to the router (behind the Telo). So I'm trying the disabled setting just to see if it is a lack of Bandwidth that 's knocking the router offline so far it seems to be working but it's only been an hour now.
The router is a Linksys WRT110, my bandwidth checked out OK (I ran and and had acceptable numbers confirmed with my OOMA CS person). I have the router and the Telo plugged into a UPS (thought it might have been a power quality thing).
Has anyone had these same issues? Has anyone successfully had consistent results (Telo stays online) using a Telo behind a router ? maybe this router is too sensitive? I'd rather use it behind the router as that would give me more flexibility and would be easier to run a server through one device. (a topic for another post "How to port forward through my router and the Telo").
Any thoughts would be appreciated, I apologize if this was already posted by others but I couldn't find it using my searched key words.
#72910 by jea333
Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:34 pm
Hey just as a follow-up I thought I'd inform you of my progress to date. Thanks to "lbmofo" for inspiring me to put the Telo hub back behind the router with his post reference.
I openeed the QoS for the Telo hub as "High" priority on my router and reserved a DHCP spot for it's IP. I made the required adjustments to the Telo hub on the set-up page per "murphy"
murphy wrote:You have to forward port 80 to the LAN IP address of the Ooma box (default is 172.27 35.1) in the Ooma config first.

so that I could acces the "" from behind the router. Everything seems to be working in harmony now without the Internet or OOMA being knocked off and I'm able to port forward my server again. :P
Thanks to all on the user forum!!!

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