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#72600 by neogeo78
Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:20 pm
I'm using an Ooma hub with a cordless phone. The cordless phone's base and the handset of the base itself both have voicemail indicators on them. It is a Uniden cordless system. My problem is, sure, when the Ooma system notifies that there is waiting new voicemail, the voicemail indicator light on my handset and the cordless base itself, and the Ooma hub too, all light up. But when I check the voicemail from the Ooma hub itself and delete the messages, the voicemail indicator lights donot turn off on both the cordless base and handset. But it does turn off the voicemail indicator light on the Ooma hub. I wish the Ooma tech people could make it to where checking voicemail on the Ooma hub and deleting the messages from the Ooma hub would clear and turn off the voicemail waiting indicator lights on the cordless base and handset too.
#72857 by thunderbird
Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:37 am
My cordless phone was behaving the same as yours for voice messages. And after clearing the voicemail messages in the Ooma Telo, even if I used the cordless phone, the voicemal message remained in the cordless phone.

But now when I press talk, than off on the handset, the handset message clears, and stays cleared.
#72869 by ntoy
Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:29 am

Did you try powering off all devices & powering them back in sequence?
For example: Modem>Router>Ooma - with all devices powered off
1. Power Modem & allow it to come online
2. Power Router & allow it to come online
3. Power Hub

Also, you may want to check your router for firewall/security or port blocking.
#72977 by neogeo78
Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:02 am
I didn't try turning off and then on the modem, router, Ooma hub, no. My router has the Tomato firmware on it, and I don't think it has any of the firewall settings turned on by default. I don't see any check marks on the firewall settings that enable firewall restrictions, so I don't think any firewall settings are enabled right now. Nor do I see any access restrictions nor port blocking that may be enabled. And I generally don't have any problems with my router blocking or preventing any internet services from running.

My workaround for the problem is by checking my Ooma voicemail from my Uniden handset. Doing this will clear my voicemail waiting indicator lights on all 3: Ooma hub, Uniden handset, and Uniden base. So, it's not a problem with my router's firewall or settings blocking signals from getting through to the cordless handset and cordless base. But I find it rather annoying that if I check and clear my Ooma voicemail on the Ooma hub, rather than the handset, that the voicemail indicator lights won't turn off on the Uniden handset and base. Though it does turn off the voicemail light on the Ooma hub.

Other than this problem. The Ooma service works pretty well for me, with very good voice quality and reliability.
#78104 by neogeo78
Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:21 pm
Well, the problem with the voicemail waiting indicator lights not turning off on my cordless base and handset seems to have been resolved. If Ooma engineering people went ahead and fixed the problem, then thanks for that. It's now working as it should. Now, when I check voicemail on the Ooma Hub itself, it will clear out the light on the hub, cordless phone base, cordless phone handset now. Also, checking voicemail through the online website interface will clear out the voicemail indicators on all 3 also now. It didn't do that before, and that was a problem. But all seems to be resolved now. Thanks.

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