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#72248 by sharing411
Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:51 pm
Is there a way to shorten the number of rings before a call waiting goes to voicemail (when a call comes in while I'm on a call)? I see at My Ooma where I can set the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail but I don't see a number of rings setting before a call waiting or second line goes to voicemail. Hope that makes sense.
#72251 by southsound
Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:56 pm
I don't believe this can be adjusted but it sounds like a nice feature. By the way, if you have Premier and either a scout (with the white ooma hub) or a Telo handset (newer black Telo) in addition to a phone connected to your Telo base and a second call comes in, you not only get the beep of call waiting but your other phone will ring so someone else can answer it if they are home.

- hub with a phone connected to the PHONE port and a scout with a phone connected to the PHONE port or
- Telo with a phone connected to the PHONE port and one or more Telo handsets.

It is a feature that I was not originally aware of but I love it!
#72262 by sharing411
Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:37 pm
Thank you! Your answer is enlightening. I have the new Ooma Telo black base and am using my Uniden cordless phone with answering machine and there is an additional handset in another room and I've been wondering if when I cancel my landline will that extra handset ring. Do you know? What's odd is that today I called AT&T to see if I could suspend my landline (I wanted to see if there would be any bugs to work out before I permanently severe my landline) and before I got the live person the automated system stated the number I was calling from and it wasn't my Ooma number but rather it was a number I don't recognize - it was 786-279-3705. I Googled the number and can't see where it goes to. Am just wondering - if there is ever an emergency and Ooma notifies 911 on my behalf (however that works) - what number will be given for me? I read that my phone number and address will be forwarded to 911 but today my confidence with weakened in that respect when the phone company said the number I was calling from was not any number that I own. Any thoughts?
#72264 by lbmofo
Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:43 pm
That number you gave, it looks like an Ooma number (Paetec Communications is an Ooma carrier). By any chance, did you add a 2nd number to your account?

Whatever number you call from (assigned to your Ooma), E911 centers will see your registered address at This can be updated if you move.

Also, check out ntoy's response on another thread you started: viewtopic.php?t=10433#p72263
#72269 by sharing411
Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:59 pm
I signed up using my landline as the primary and I also selected an Ooma number. Yes, I know about keeping my address current for the purpose of it being forwarded to E911... thank you.

I will check out the answer to my other thread.

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