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#71821 by Bill D
Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:32 am
Feature request-

I record conference calls while on my Hub. When I connect my recorder to the headset jack on my Uniden handset, the volume is equal for both me and the far-end talkers due to the handset sidetone. Connecting the recorder to the Hub's phone port is more convenient but the near-end talker (me) is much louder.

There are some expensive studio quality hybrid duplexer devices that will balance near-end and far-end volume while connected to the phone port, but it seems to me that the Hub firmware already is handling both sides of calls and could send a balanced mix to the Scout for connection to a recorder through the Scout's phone port.

An even more valuable firmware upgrade would be to use the Hub's USB port to output digitized audio along with caller-ID and called number info to a custom PC application for automated recording.
#72460 by drdee
Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:27 pm
I have been wanting to set up a way to record my calls. I have he hub and 1 scout. If you could give me any suggestions I would appreciate it. I don't need to do this very often and wanted a cheap way possibly using my computer. Currently my hub is plugged into my router. That is the only way we (me & ooma on a 3 hour call) could get it to work.

My other question pertains to your comment on the USB port. I asked ooma what it was for and they told me that it wasn't currently being used. Do you know the purpose for it or if could be functional for anything?

Gary Deckert

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