MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

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MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by johnboy » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:02 am

Well, I am now an experienced MagicJack user and file this report. See the topic. OOMA soooo outperforms MagicJack in every way possible. These are not even in the same ballpark. I bought 4 and gave three away as gifts. ALL THREE WERE RETURNED TO ME with a "thanks but no thanks".

The problem is that these are now registered to my friends and there is no real technical support or any way to fix that. Not even for a price. So unless I want to be known as Carol on my caller ID, it's useless. The number selection is none existent and they dont have many cities covered with phone numbers. Porting is outrageously expensive.

OOMA has had a few minor ups and downs, but on a scale compared to a land line, OOMA has got to be considered an 8.5 and when you factor in the cost over even another VOIP provider like VONAGE, that makes it a 9.5. Magic Jack is around a 5. It works, most of the time. It's simple but....

The biggest drawback is that it demands your CPU and software 'attachments' on your computer. And you can't get rid of them easily... even if you try to use standard uninstall methods. It requires registry tinkering. It does work. It is simplistic. they make it easy to install.. but if there is a problem, you are in deep doo doo and trying to get that fixed is a nightmare. Returns are difficult if not impossible during their 30 day trial period. There were a few people complaining. Probably more who didn't post.

My biggest problem with OOMA is my cable provider. It's Comcast and they are not keen on helping me with dropped packets. If it passes their speed tests, "that's all we guarentee". But they are consistent. It took them three tries to get cablecards to work in my Tivo. I love waiting (three times) from 8am to 12pm on a Saturday. Of course, they show up at 12:00p.

All in all, I would rate my (OOMA) phone service as fair to good with the cable service I have now. It would probably be GOOD TO GREAT if I could get a bit better service with Comcast. Without a better cable connection (rewiring my home), I can't do faxes consistently and there are occasional phone call issues. I even have to unplug and re-plug in the cable modem occasionally for ANY internet service (which just shuts off randomly (1-2x / month)

Thought you would like to know.

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by mspsp » Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:33 am

I cannot resist adding my MagicJack experience here.
- I found out that sometimes people would call me and I will not receive any call. It doesnt even show up in the MagicJack call log.
- The caller id does not show caller name at all. I called the customer service and they told me this is how it is. (You get what you paid for :)
- The call quality was not consistent at all. Many times I would ask the other person to call back again or I would call back again because the conversation just wasn't possible due to poor quality.
- The answering system would send me bad voice message files (.wav) Upon trying to open one such file my computer crashed corrupting my file system only hard drive. It took me quite some time to fix that mess.

-- The only positive thing I would add is that I returned the device within 30 days without paying for it (actually I paid in other ways) successfully.

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by chris23 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 2:01 pm

Just to add a little. Magic Jack is not Magic at all after many hours of typing with their tech support I will send the unit back because it never worked and the plug and play they advertise is plug and bug.

Stay clear of Magic Jack and go with OOMA the superior phone service. In one year from now the features of OOMA will broaden and we will all say there is no magic in jack!

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by Tenor » Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:39 am

Sorry to be devil's advocate here but the Magic Jack works fine for me. In fact, I sent it to a relative of mine who was doing work in Turks and Caicos and he loves it. He was even surprised how well it worked despite his bandwidth not being great. Every call we made to one another sounded like he was local and not thousand of miles away overseas.

Before I sent it away, I even tested it on my wi-fi and it worked flawlessly. I'll admit, my bandwidth is pretty great here.

Now MJ and ooma are two different devices with their own purpose. So just understand the pro's and con's of both. If you are traveling I'd definitely recommend MJ over ooma. It fits in your pocket and you can connect it to a Mac or PC. For the home or any non-mobile environment, ooma wins hands down.

As suggested, your experience will vary.

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by oomg » Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:49 am

Tenor wrote: Now MJ and ooma are two different devices with their own purpose. So just understand the pro's and con's of both. If you are traveling I'd definitely recommend MJ over ooma. It fits in your pocket and you can connect it to a Mac or PC. For the home or any non-mobile environment, ooma wins hands down.

As suggested, your experience will vary.
I will add my three cents (adjusted for inflation) here. MJ voice service is sporadic at best... certainly not consistent enough to be a viable alternative to regular phone service.

But, if you have one, don't throw it away. Thus far, the call forwarding through MJ has been flawless.

So, if nothing else, during your remaining contract period, it can be used to forward calls to you from another area that would normally be a toll call to the calling party. So, if you have a friend or family member who you would like to call you toll free, simply select a new number within their toll free calling area.

I have several MJ devices, but use them for an entirely different purpose. There are currently four different area codes within ten miles of my home, and soon to be five (Los Angeles County area). If I consider the general area where I conduct business (about a 60 mile radius), there are at least 14 different area codes (and that number will be growing as well). By using the CF on my MJ, I can create the appearance of a local business, or "localize" my advertising. Now that I have the devices, it should cost me no more than $20 per year for each line.

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by t4feb » Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:46 am

Magicjack never did have the Magic. OOMA rocks

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by ooma1113 » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:42 pm

One can not compare Magic Jack and Ooma. Two completely different animals. I had MJ while in South Korea and the call quality back to the USA was superb. People were also able to call my MJ number and I would receive the calls just like I was here in the USA. I'm hoping my Ooma premier is going to be a success for me. I am worried by the many rants I am seeing regarding customer service and lack there of. I hope my number porting from Vonage goes off without a hitch. I still have my magic jack and bought the 5 year extension for $59.95. I more than paid for the first year during my 3 weeks in South Korea. So MJ has its' place in the market as does Ooma.

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by southsound » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:59 pm

Harstine Island, where I live, just came out of the dark ages around the first of the year when DSL became avaialble. Finally my days of dial-up were over. I could become part of the modern world and use things like VOIP. And I could ditch my second line that I used only ocasionally.

I bought a MagicJack from a friend who bought several and had an unused spare. At first, I was concerned that I could not get a local number, but since I wanted it for an outgoing extra line only, that was not a problem. At first, I had lots of echo. I opened up the preferences and was able to adjust the outgoing volume and the echo went away. Seemed to work pretty well, but I had to have my computer on, and that was not too convenient. Also, I could not plug it into just any of the USB ports on my Dell notebook computer - it took up too much room on the side so I could not plug in my network cable. So I had to use the one in back. Again, not too inconvenient. The upside, it worked. I was able to make and receive good quality calls.

About a week after getting the MagicJack, I saw ooma in the Costco Connection. I did a LOT of searching on the Internet to see what this product was all about. I liked most of what I saw. Customer service seemed to be a little iffy, but it certainly had to be better than what the MagicJack offered with on-line chats to a person in Lower Elbonia who couldn't even spell kompuuttor.

Since I was going to buy this wonderful "free for ever after purchase" device, I sent my beloved MagicJack to my daughter in California. She still hasn't tried it, but she really wanted one, and mine was now an extra. Don't all parents give their kids what they want?

Costco was a little slow in making the ooma available, but as soon as it showed up on the website, I had one ordered. When it came, I gushed at the quality of the packaging, the almost "art" look of the equipment, and the "written in English by people who actually speak it as their first language" manual. After hooking it up, guess what I discovered - no local number. Then, of all things, there was echo. But no little tool to adjust it myself - I had to call tech support. They fixed it, and life was good. Then I talked Bobby B into ordering some local numbers. I grabbed one, had some echo, called about it, and they fixed it. Again, life was good.

I made the mistake of going on a TWO DAY vacation to Cannon Beach in Oregon. Wonderful time with sun, no wind (could not fly my stunt kite, but got severely wooped at air hockey by my bride of 25 1/2 years) and dinner at Mo's. Those who know Cannon Beach and Mo's know how this is really the good life. When I got back, I had something new. Whenever I made a call, I got a recording that said, "A call from this phone number is invalid. Please call NexLink Customer Serivice for assistance. Seattle 58." Then the call would go through. Now you would think that whoever did the recording would have been smart enough to give their phone number since I had no idea who NexLink was, or how to contact customer service. But it turns out that NexLink is part of XO Communications, one of ooma's external partners. When I finally got ooma to make the recording go away, it was replaced by some industrial strength echo. Anything local. Outgoing, incoming, it didn't matter. Or should I say, "it it it didn't didn't didn't matter matter matter." That was about two weeks ago.

So johnboy, if you still have an extra MagicJack from your stock of returned gifts, I'd love to have it. I hate to buy another one when maybe ooma will make things work eventually, but at least $40 was less than $220. And being able to change a little slider on my preferences was preferential to having ooma ask a partner to move a little slider that seems to not yet work.

Am I bitter? No. Am I discouraged? Boy Howdy. Would I like to be able to make a local call without echo? Yeah. Maybe someday. But if anyone has a MagicJack they don't want, please PM me and I'll cover postage so you can send it to me.
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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by buckoo » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:32 pm

Well, I'm new to Ooma. Only had for a week and still learning about it. I signed up with ViaTalk after SunFizzle fizzled out and have been happy with it except faxing is rather hit and miss.

Had some faxing to do, so tried it with Ooma. No luck at all, even using the *99. My fax is a HP Officejet Pro L7580.

I do have a MJ connected to the pc, but seldom use it. I ran a line to it, plugged it in, and it worked first time without a hitch!

Everyone has their own opinion about all the different voip configurations. Mine with MJ so far has been good. Will keep trying to get the Ooma to work.

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Re: MagicJack - you get what you pay for!

Post by traveler » Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:28 am

I am in the south sound (oly) I rarely get an echo. I would think that any echo you experience on harstine could be due to something other than OOMA.

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