Great Handset But....

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Great Handset But....

Post by HOC16 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:09 am

Love the ooma telo handsets but there are some features that look like the could be easily added with a firmware update and would make them competitive with the best handsets out there from Panasonic:

1) INCREASE DISPLAY FONT TYPE SIZE - The font size on the display is just too small. When a call is received the caller id information is displayed. However, you have to get within 1 foot of the phone to read the display!!!

2) INCREASE SPEAKER PHONE VOLUME - the handsets have a speaker phone, and the volume can be increased but the top level volume is still not loud enough.

3) ADDITIONAL HANDSETS- total handsets are limited to 4. Could really use 5 or 6.

4) ADD NAMES WITH NUMBERS TO CONTACTS - on the handset, you can add a number to the phonebook contacts. However, you can not add names! The names can be added on the web, but that is not very convenient.

5) BACKLIGHTING LONGER - on the current firmware, the backlight comes with any key press but does not stay on long enough. Would be great if the option to choose the length of time the backlingt stays on was a setup option.

6) ANNOUNCE CALLER-ID - When the phone rings, should have an option to hear the caller-ID spoken audibly through the phone speaker.

7) RENAME EACH HANDSETS - Using the Intercome feature requires you to know the handset number you are calling. Would be much easier if the handset could be renamed and displayed whem the intercom button is pressed.

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