Blocked number is ringing through

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Re: Blocked number is ringing through

Post by ntoy » Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:05 am

twburke wrote:I have also had a "blacklisted" call ring through twice yesterday (same number). I blacklisted the phone number earlier this week after receiving several calls from this number with no message left. The call appears in the call log with the red blacklisted symbol, but rang several times and I answered to personally invite them to never call me again.

BTW, it was Time-Warner Cable trying to help me "save money" by adding phone service to my "bundle" (I don't even have TW Cable).


The callerid name on your second number had an ampersand, I substituted it with a space. Please continue to monitor &
send me a personal message if it happens again.

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Re: Blocked number is ringing through

Post by renatae » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:53 am

I've noticed that in the past month, I haven't had this happen. Yay!

However, I also noticed in "Preferences" that I can no longer select for blocked numbers to hear a continuous ring. Is this what fixed the problem? Because, if not, I sure would like the continuous ring option back! For some of the people on my block list, I don't want to get voicemails from them, nor do I want them pestering me for a new phone number, which they would if they got the "number disconnected" message.

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