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#64950 by vjtedesco
Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:25 pm
Things were great for a while, but lately it is one ring and done. For the past week when I receive an incoming call, the phone rings once but I can't hear anyone when I pick it up. When I call out, the phone rings once on the distant end then there is silence. The people I'm calling later tell me they answer and can hear me, but I certainly cannot hear them. I've noticed in both cases the Ooma Telo seems to switch to a second line at some point and I end up with line one flashing in blue even after the call ends.

I regret purchasing my Ooma at this point. I'm losing confidence in it and people have stopped calling my Ooma number because they have too. :x
#64982 by doug
Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:37 am
vjtedesco wrote:Things were great for a while, but lately it is one ring and done.

Do you have multi-ring forwarding set to another number AND do not have the option set to require a 1 press to answer a call? I have seen something similar when multi-ring is set to my cell phone with the need for 1 disabled, and my cell phone is dead, powered off, or not within range of a tower.

In those cases, my ooma and my cell phone are both ringing, but the cell provider immediately "answers" it because my phone is not registered with any tower. Thus it appears on my ooma phone that it rings once but does not have a call when I try to pick it up.

On the cell phone side I don't hear a ring either since it is off. However, it does go directly to voice mail (not the ooma VM, but the cell phone provider's which in my case is configured to use Google Voice instead).

This is one caveat about disabling the need to press 1 on a multi-ring call. You don't want that number to ever appear to be answered immediately, as in the case of a cell phone which is off or not in range.

If this it not your scenario, I urge you to contact customer service. Ooma is just too good to pass up. Get it resolved and you'll never look back.
#64984 by vjtedesco
Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:53 am
Thank you for replying. I am not using Multi-ring. The inbound calls arrive via my Google Voice universal number which rings my cell phone concurrent with my Oma handset. Obviously that call routing would have nothing to do with the problem with out bound calls.

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