Call screening does not work with external answering machine

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Re: Call screening does not work with external answering machine

Post by Zindar » Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:43 pm

lbmofo wrote:Great to hear :)

If you were using Ooma voicemail, then you could even combined the "phone" port and the "wall" port coming out of Ooma (using the splitter that came with your Ooma) and feed into the wall jack. This way, you could plug a Scout into any wall jack in the house and use it as a voicemail station.

But since you are not using Ooma voicemail, you can sell your Scout on eBay.
I do know that a downfall on my set up is that I can't retrieve voicemail remotely (i.e. from outside my house), but that need never seems to come up for me anyhow.

Out of curiosity, do you know, if I were to do as you said and start using ooma voicemail with this hookup, would call screening work? In another thread, long ago, when I was researching the ability to do call screening without subscribing to premier, I read that to do that, you have to use your own answering machine and stop using ooma voicemail. That's the whole reason I stopped using ooma voicemail. I wonder if, by hooking that ooma hub to the wall using the phone port, if that's still true. I guess I could test this myself to see... I somehow think it wouldn't work though. I'd think that once ooma voicemail picks up the call, since the hub has taken control, no phone can get the call anymore.

It's not really a big deal anyhow, because as I say, I don't much care about remotely accessing my voicemail. I originally got ooma to be a cheap way of getting basic phone service, and considering I get caller ID, call screening, unlimited local and long distance, all for exactly $0 per month, it seems like a great deal. I hope my equipment never breaks down.

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Re: Call screening does not work with external answering machine

Post by lbmofo » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:15 pm

Without Premier, there would be no call screening if you use Ooma voicemail. Once the number of rings hit, the caller will be directed to Ooma voicemail and you won't hear anything.
With traditional answering machines though, it is likely that (break out the manual) you can still access your voicemail remotely by calling your own number away from home.
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