Vmail 'From' Incorrect / Call Log Correct ?!

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Vmail 'From' Incorrect / Call Log Correct ?!

Post by gocam » Fri May 07, 2010 9:54 pm

So - I have an integrated landline - I see people have been having problems with this, and quite honestly I may well just revert to my external answering machine or return the ooma box and go back to using jajah. Getting a new Ooma number and fwding my landline to it (I have dsl and can't get dry line) seems just a pain.

Before doing so I'd like to understand why on earth the following happens:

1) Somebody calls my landline
2) Ooma rings through no problem - yay!
3) I get correct caller id on my phone - yay !
4) When answer machine kicks in on ooma, caller hears no greeting - boo :-(
5) After recording message, when I retrieve the VM via web or on Telo box, it always claims the caller is my own line :-(
6) This despite the fact that the caller logs on My Ooma have the correct number (as in 3 above)

Very very odd. Clearly ooma sees the correct number in order to log it, but vm system is all screwed up. Surely they can fix 4 & 5 if 3 & 6 work fine ?

Thoughts ?

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Re: Vmail 'From' Incorrect / Call Log Correct ?!

Post by PetalumaRealtor » Sun May 09, 2010 12:17 am

I used to have the same problem. I now forward my landline to my ooma number. Voicemail works great and displays the correct number the call is coming from. You have to call customer service and let them know that you are no longer integrating your landline.

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