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#53059 by bodyinblack
Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:26 am
Hi I have an Ooma Telo with Premier with one number and a Ooma Telo Handset with a second number assigned to it as the business line with its own voicemail. I would like to set up a third number to use for a second business for my business partner in another state. Looking for the most effective but inexpensive route possible as this line would not get a lot of calls and we basically need to have voicemail to field the calls and call them back.

Option #1: Buy another Telo Handset, get a third number ($4.99/mo.) and make that a private line.
This would ring where I am (wont be answered) but enable call forwarding to my business partner and give us voicemail.

Option #2: Get a third number without a Telo Handset.
Can we still enable call forwarding or have a third voicemail on this line without the Telo Handset?
Can we forward calls to his answering machine with this third number if we don't have a Telo Handset?

Option #3: Use a Skype or GoogleVoice type of number instead

We don't want the third number to use either voicemail for the first two numbers but have it's own or just forward to a answering machine.

Any advice or help would be appreciated in helping us understand how the third number could work and what the best option might be to give us a third line on the cheap. Thanks.
#53077 by southsound
Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:21 am
I like Option 3 with Google Voice best. I've been using GV for about 9 months now and find it to be a wonderful addition to my telephone bag of tricks. You can get a number in the other state and have it ring however you would like. We have our Telo, our landline, our cell, and another phone line that is off premises as forward numbers. I can set it up to ring any, all, or none of the numbers - and I can change settings using my iPod Touch, any phone, or my computer. Of course, your business partner could do the same. GV can also receive (and send, using my computer) SMS messages. When a call comes in, I can screen it and join in if I choose. We have a GV number for myself, one for my wife, and another for a non-profit charity I manage. If you have any additional questions about GV, feel free to send me a PM or reply to this message.
#53348 by bodyinblack
Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:53 am
Greetings Southsound. Thanks so much for your reply. We have heard great things about GV and trust me that is probably the lowest cost and best solution to address our basic needs to have an additional line but I don't think they are giving out new GV lines at the moment. Are you able to do an invite on your end and send us something that allows us to sign up to GV. I recall requesting a sign up to GV over a year ago on the GV site but never heard anything back.

I think a solution like this to forward to any or all of our other numbers would be great. And I think GV has it's own voicemail box too. It definitely sounds like the best solution for our needs. Now if we can figure out how to get a GV account we would be in great shape.

Since you have been using Ooma much longer than us, might you have the answer to our Option #2 questions? I am thinking you cannot get a separate voicemail without another Telo Handset, but just not sure if that is right. Thanks again for your assistance.
#53352 by murphy
Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:41 am
When you requested a GV invite, did you give a gmail address as your email address?
If you didn't, did you check your spam traps? Many people have found their invite in their spam trap.
#53354 by bodyinblack
Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:50 am
We actually did both, one with a Gmail address and one without. Gmail is not our primary email account but I didn't think it made a difference. Also, we look at our spam all the time and don't recall seeing anything there. After your note I submitted again for a GV account. I guess we will wait and see what happens. We need to get our third number in place by the end of the month, so I hope we get a response this time.

Today I did notice two other options that might work as well as GV if in fact we cannot get the free solution. Thanks again.

1. eVoice.com $12.95/mo.
2. my1voice.com $10/mo.

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