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Incoming busy signal on number being ported

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:46 am
by ideallife2day
I received email on 2/6 that my number is expected to complete porting on 2/10 which is tomorrow.

Today, my mom calls me on my cell phone to say that she can't get through on my home number which is the one that is being ported, she gets a busy signal. I tried calling my home number with my cell and my ooma line and I also get a busy signal.

When I pick up the phone to use the landline, I get a dial tone and I can dial out and it goes through, I just don't seem to be getting any incoming calls on that number. My landline outgoing caller ID and number still shows the correct info.

I'm curious if this has something to do with my number porting that is expected to complete tomorrow, whether it's somehow in progress today? Anyone else experience similar during a port?

Also, I am still on my premier trial as I haven't had the chance to really use it, awaiting the number port. I'd like to test it with my actual number to make sure that I will use and like all the features. I liked the number I picked out for the ooma line but I'm wondering if it will go away once my number is ported over, I'm asking because if I decide to upgrade to the premier (and this is actually more of a decision based on the success of my number porting) after my porting is complete, is there a way to keep my new ooma number as my second line (since I'm still on the trial period for another 20+ days) or would I have to pick out a new number again?

I hesitate to sign up for premier simply because if my number doesn't port over successfully, there really is no use for ooma for me, we've had our number for almost 25 years so not being able to keep that number is a deal breaker.

I hope I wasn't too confusing and if anyone from ooma can clarify my two issues here, I would really appreciate it :)


Oh one more thing, since I paid the $39.99 porting fee but the fee is waived if I sign up for the premier, if I decide to sign up for the premier in the next couple of weeks, would I get a refund on the porting fee automatically or would I need to call customer service to initiate it?

Re: Incoming busy signal on number being ported

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:09 pm
by ideallife2day
I guess it was the porting process because I just got the confirmation email about it being switched over to my landline number as my ooma lounge login. I confirmed it by using my ooma line to dial out and it showed my ported number on the caller id, woohoo!

I guess I lose the other number by default...I know all my call logs for that ooma number is wiped clean.

Is it safe to say that I can call Verizon tomorrow to cancel my landline now that my number is active with ooma...or should I wait a few days to make sure?

I'd still like an answer to my other questions above if anyone can assist, thanks!!

Re: Incoming busy signal on number being ported

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:15 pm
by murphy
If you only had 1 number on your Verizon account, you don't have to do anything. The fact that the number was ported away from them will result in automatic closure of the account. They can't have an open account that doesn't have a number associated with it.

Re: Incoming busy signal on number being ported

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:40 pm
by ideallife2day
Thanks murphy for your reply. Yes I only have one number with verizon. I still get a dial tone on the landline right now, I suppose that will end soon? I may call them anyway tomorrow to make sure its terminated so they don't try to nickel and dime us for more days than necessary.

Overall, I'd say that my incoming calls were out of commission for roughly 6 hours today. My mom tried calling the landline number around 3pm to see if it was working yet and some guy picked up the phone. Somehow our number was routed elsewhere during the transition. Whomever it was that answered the phone called her right back but she doesn't understand English very well so he just said ok and hung up.

I'm happy that the number is finally ported over and I swear it is clearer sounding than my landline. My verizon line, more often than not, had this buzzing sound. Now that I've connected the ooma hub to the junction box for the phone wiring, all the phones in the house work and there is absolutely no buzz sound at all. I know now that it must be the outside verizon line that was giving the buzzing noise and not anything internal to our house wiring.

I love ooma :)